Underwear as outerwear?

That is the question on everyones lips (apparently). I have been itching for a bustier, not to wear as lingerie, but to wear as a sortof top. Not for everyday, I think they would look lovely with a nice high waisted skirt or with jeans for the evening. My sister thinks it's abit weird and alot of people think it's 'racy'. What are your thoughts exactly?

Here are some bustiers I've been lusting after. nomnom

I think they're all topshop.. past collections mostly!

I bought my own! It doesn't fit my bust very well, which kinda sucks. But it's not too small so that's alright! It was brand new with tags from a charity shop, which I'm glad about cause I don't really do second hand bras and stuff. It was £2.99. Worth it?
. .

I think so. It's got such girly detailing which totally shows me! I think it would look fab with a floaty pink skirt and pretty pink heels :)

And I have found the PERFECT brown satchel bag! I wanted one ever since I had my little one (which FYI, I sold on ebay for a lovely £25.. it cost me 50p!), but I sold it because it was wayyyy to small to fit anything in. I want a satchel that matches my beautiful brown brogues and also is big enough for school. I saw the gorgeous Carrie from wishwishwish.net at the bloggers event carrying her amazing Alexa mulberry bag *sigh* I even stroked it haha! I haven't got that kinda moolah, but this is perfect!

Thought's? I haven't purchased it yet, I'm a little scared haha. So I want your honest opinions :)

Lastly, another wonderful award. I cannot thank people enough, I appreciate every single one of them, I really do! This one I have recieved already, but I'mma do it again anyways. Thanks imogen!

The recipient of this award is required to list seven interesting things about themself and then pass it on to seven bloggers.
1. I can solve a rubiks cube under 2 minutes. Yeah, I'm that cool.
2. My mobile phone is a sidekick 2009. It's so hot!
3. The last time I full on cried was watching the reader. Epic movie.
4. My hair never looks the way I want it. ever!
5. My staple wardrobe item is a pair of skinny jeans and black tights.
6. My room is always messy.
7. I drink too many cups of tea a day. No wonder I hardly sleep.

They were pretty crapoola things about myself, sorry haha.
I pass it onto -
Ruth again because I love her :)

The winner of my contest will be up soon my beauties. Do not worry :) so overall..
-Underwear as outerwar, yay or nay?
-Should I buy that bag?


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