Happy valentines day.

I really love getting awards from people, and this has really made my valentines day :) I received two, one of them was given to me by two different people, so pretty much 3, recently. And I could not be happier. And they are a new award to add to my lovely blog award section > Which is looking pretty lovely at the moment!

I need to pass them to people but I'm going to be really mean and not pass them, just for the pure fact I've literally run out of blogs to pass them onto, I've had a few awards recently! But I am SO thankful for them!

Next I was tagged by the ever so lovely meowcake, Her tag was in video form and it was so funny! I love watching people and realising they just have a great personality. My personality does NOt come through on videos haha (just the annoying Yorkshire accent and fast talking-ness aha)

10 weird facts
Ah I have answered lots of fact tags already that I doubt I have many more facts left (I'm not all that interesting you know!) But I shall try my best. :) It also says you should ideally do a video tag, ahhh I am way too scared to video myself! So it will have to be a written one, sorry!

10. The best thing I like about myself are my hands and feet. They are tiny, and I really dislike big ones, footwise I'm a size 3!
9. I wouldn't change anything about myself. I know this sounds very up myself, but it's not. I genuinely believe that imperfections ARE your perfections and what makes people unique. Sure, I hate that bump in my nose, and my thighs are chubby, but if I could afford plastic surgery I wouldn't get it. I'm happy with my 'imperfections', it makes me 'me' :) I don't believe in plastic surgery, although I think if you want to get it it's up to you.
8. The only sandwich I will eat has to be one brown bread, red cheese that is grated and cut into triangles. I can't have them sliced, or white cheese, or white bread. I can have them square but it really irritates me.
7. I believe personality is WAY more important than looks, looks don't even come close. A sense of humour is one of the most important things I look for in a guy.
6. I have met the current queen of England. When I was in year 5 (9-10) I was chosen from several other schools in my city to visit the opening of something and came to unveil it.. I can't really remember.
5. I don't eat fish, it makes me feel sick.
4. I once wrote a poem in year 8 (aged 12-13) that made my teacher cry. It was about leaving home to do with the evacuation and literally took me 5 minutes to write.
3. I hate twilight. Now that IS a weird fact for you :)
2. I can burp on command haha. It's not something to brag about, but it is highly weird and not very lady-like!
1. I don't want to get married *gasps* I have 2 major reasons but it's quite a long explanation. Although I do understand why people do, it's my personal choice not to :)

I am going to spend my valentines day watching lots of crappy films whilst sewing some clothes. 2 things that I LOVE doing :) I have already said this plenty of times but I loooove being single and I am not going to waste my time on a guy just because it's valentines day thankyou very much :)
Please check out a blog post I wrote for fashionxcourt's blog. I think it's fairly long but I think it's quite good (for me anyway!) so please take a gander if you have the time. It is about being single of valentines day and how to survive it! -


Here are some lovey dovey themed items to get you in the mood :)

OH and happy Chinese new year everyone!


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