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As a blogger, I do recieve emails once in a while with companies telling me about new items they have in stock, or special offers etc. I never really feel to mention them unless I think my readers will ACTUALLY enjoy them, because I hate blogs that are just full of PR items etc.

I got a lovely email from the people down at 'Eclectic Eccentricity', A jewellery shop. I'm no strangers to the beautiful handmade jewellery on the net, my favourites include this charming girl and jijikiki. So reading this email I didn't expect it to be that much different, but oh, was I wrong!

There are a few pieces on the site that are quite pricey, and these are the cheaper pieces. These are my favouriiiite. I absolutely love them. I don't know why, but I seem to love every piece on there, which is rare for jewellery! And I think they're very unique. I tend to come across the same sortof styles in vintage handmade jewellery (cameos, bows, etc) but these really struck me. There are a load more pieces on there. I genuinely recommend this site, and cannot wait till I have enough monies to buy something. In the mean time, I will marry you if you buy me this?

Okay, maybe not marry. But oh em gee. I LOVE this necklace. It is so so beautiful and so unique :)

The reason they sent me the email is that they are having a load of special offers during LFW. They have a blog that will keep you upadated frequently no doubt, so please check it out for more info. But it seems like alot of fun and a great chance to win prizes :)

Timetable of events
Monday 22nd: EE has designed a necklace which you get to name! Whoever chooses the best name wins the piece.
Tuesday 23rd: EE will be running a poll of over 15 popular pieces – whichever receives the most votes will be discounted by 50% for one day only!
Wednesday 24th: EE will be giving clues to lead you on a treasure hunt across
the website. Get the right answer and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a goodie bag worth over £100!

Let me know if you buy anything, I'd love to see what you pick!


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