January 2010: Celebrities Style, Makeup and Beauty.

This is new for 2010, just like my giveaways!
I will be talking about a celebrity thats style I am loving for the month, make-up and beauty (a.k.a. is stunning & it makes me so so jealous!)
It's all just a few things each month, it will be interesting to see how my opinions change on celebs over the months, If my preferences get edgier, girlier? I recommend people do this, if not all 3, just fashion or make-up?
Lets get on with it!

I have always preferred Nicola to the other members of Girls Aloud. Why? Because shes different! In the good old days she was tanned and tacky like the rest of the girls, but she brought her own line 'Dainty Doll' out and BAM, she came into her own and I literally love her style. It is so dainty and cute and vintage and just yum! Her hair is amazing too, and I genuinely just adore her style right now. Also for you Brits, catch her show on BBC THREE (or iplayer!) about the danger of tanning beds etc. It's really good :)

Rihanna has the same skin tone as me, and similar eye colour. So when I look at her different make-up looks, it makes me believe that maybe I could look that good! It's a good idea to get a make-up icon with similar skin tone and eye colour as you, so if something doesn't really work with them, you pretty much know it wont work with you! I love that she wears bright lipstick here, and everything about it is screaming 'This should look dreadful', but it doesn't! All her make-up looks have been pretty fabby, I recommend googling them for inspiration. But this one is one of my favourites! Tips:
♥ Investing in a good bronzer (like Nars Laguna) can pay off in the long run. Bronzer is especially good for summer, but use it for a lovely glow in the cold weather too! Take it easy on the bronzer when the eye makeup is heavy though.
♥ Using blue makes hazel/green eyes POP. Either on the lower lashline or lid, either way really brings out the colour.
♥ Bright Lipsticks = Take the risk! I would have never guessed this colour would have worked on a darker skintone. But I love it :)

You may know her from her role in 'That 70's show', But may know her even better for voicing Meg Griffin on Family Guy. She is actually beautiful. She is Ukranian and lovely and is my girl crush for January :)

Agree? Disagree? Who are YOUR January favourites? I know it isn't January, but I'm doing it just after January so I have actually had a whole month to obsess haha! Nex post will be up soon lovelies, don't you worry.


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