Happy New Year - Recap

This is a boring bit on my blog about myself, so you can skip it if you want haha.
I'll start by saying last year was the worst year of my life, No it actually was infact. I went through a horrible breakup of 2 years, and I don't need to explain. Most people know that any break-up is hard. I think it's hard when it's your only relationship and you're so young, I thought we'd end up getting married and having babies. Being in love and being so naive is the worst possible sortof feeling.
Safe to say that the new year wasn't exactly great and coming into 2009, I was still utterly shattered/upset/distraught. I ended up struggling at school and losing friends. I pretty much had no-one. My family were there for me, and I am very very thankful for that. But of course there is only so much they can do, or much anyone can do. So 2009 never started off great.

It slowly got better. I pretty good results at school, and made some really great friends - mainly Tanith, Roma, Ceri and Ruth. I've also lost a few this year, but I think I coped with it so much more, because I realised they were changing to fit in or be with the cooler people (you'd think this sortof thing stopped in year 11, but no, it still goes on!) and I didn't let it upset me liek it used to. I'm someone who can see it from others sides, and on many occassions it hasn't been my fault. And that is not a lie.

I also love love love love being single. I really love spending time by myself, not being attached to someone. I think there is this generalised feeling in the UK (well, everywhere actually) that feels like we have to be with someone, get married, have babies, etc. I really hate that we feel like we have to have relationships, being single isn't 'being lonely'. I hate when you mention you;re single, they say 'aww'. What? No, No sympathy thanks. I'm perfectly happy by myself and I do not need a man, or anyone, to make me feel complete.

My love for fashion has grown, and it's something I really enjoy. It's nice to finally find something I can put my eenergy into, that gets peoples attention or even inspires people. I genuinely love my 78 followers, I appreciate it more than I think I should (haha) but It does mean alot!
So coming out of 2009, I'm a very happy person. I still have things I want to change, such as my fear of time. I have this feeling that I'm running out of time, and that if I spend a day with my friend instead of schoolwork, my shop or the blog, I have wasted a whole day. I also need to loose a bit more weight, but at this moment in time I'm just happy being healthier, and if weight drops off, then I think that will just be an added bonus.

So finally, here are my new years resolutions. I hope I stick to them!
1. It's okay to keep a grudge. Sometimes things can't be forgiven and people are better out of my life. They are losing a good friend, wheras I'm not losing anything other than someone who just wasn't there for me.
2. Be more organised. Period. I'm the most disorganised person you could ever meet!
3. Take fashion more seriously and grow into my style more. Be adventurous!

Hope you all have a wondeful year my lovelies.. I will try to post as much as I can but It's my birthday in 4 days! So HUUGE coverage on it over the next 5-6 days :D


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