Top 10 cheap best buys of 2009

I totally recommend every blogger does this, to see what you bought, which was the best and which you could really do without. I'm sorting through my clothes at the moment trying to get rid of most of them, and thought I should mention the best buys. You may have seen them before in previous posts!
These 'best buys' are basically things I've bought for amazingly cheap prices :)

10. Bed head products - £6
A recent buy, I explained abit about this in a previous post, but it has to be on this list! My hair is so much nicer now I finally have nice products :D

9. Blazer - £4.50
I wanted a blazer for agees! Then this popped up in a charity shop, and was uber cheap compared to everywhere else :)

8. Cricket Jumper - £4.50
This is so indie and mod, reminds me of Alexa Chung. Haven't worn it yet, because I haven't had the chance! Definately a best buy of '09, these catch arounf £15-£30 on ebay!

7. Lace dress - £4.99
This is a recent buy, it is HEAVY. The actual item went for 99p, and the postage was £4.00, not surprising! It's so girly, and genuine vintage, and cheap!

6. Shabby chic mirror - £2
This definately deserves it's place in the countdown, and you can see why!

5. Brown bag - 50p
This is very very Alexa. I wanted a brown bag for ageeees and this one cropped up for 50p at a carboot. Bargain!

4. Dorothy Dress
The dorothy dress was originally 50p.. yes, you heard it right. This definately has to be here, after all the Dorothy dress sold for £23!

3. Brogues - £1.50
This came brand new in box with a receipt for £28. Although the receipt had run out (Baratts shoe shop no less!) I could still fetch some store credit. But why would I? These beauties are gorrrgeous and cheeeeeap!

2. Telephone - 50p
This is such a beautiful vintage item. And 50p no less. Love it :)

1. Prom dress & Acc
This has to be the biggest bargain I've ever ever ver bought. My prom outfit, and the accessories, came to just under £15.
I couldn't find my clutch, but the outfit included -
Vintage blue and black dress from carboot - £2!
Black open toes Dorothy perkin heels, charity shop - £5
Black clutch accessorize, charity shop - £5
(same charity shop too haha, how lucky!)


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