Contest! ..and tampax pearl VIP swishing event photos

I have been neglecting this blog so much.. and I cannot believe It's almost half way through December already! I still don't have an advent calendar haha or half my christmas shopping done *sigh*
This was supposed to be a 35 follower contest.. and I know have 72 followers haha! So I'm really sorry for taking so long. So now It's going to be a christmas contest I guess? This is what you will win:

So this necklace design is on many vintage jewellery sites I've seeen, pretty much going for around £10? Well, if you enter this contest you could win it for free! And It will come just in time for christmas.. how awesome is that? All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog, about anything at all. I will use a random number generator to choose the winner. It is available to all countries, and will end in a weeks time. So if you do not live in the UK it may not come in time for christmas (because of how long the post takes, etc)
Oh, and you also have to be a follower!

I won a competition on Hannahs blog, and she was amazingly helpful with directions and such for the VIP event in the club 'Punk', arranged by Tampax Pearls Mother of Nature campaign. It was SUCH a lovely event, free cupcakes, finger food and DRINKS ALL NIGHT :D We stayed until around 3am, and I had to get to my coach back home for 8:30am, so I pretty much didn't sleep haa. We basically took 5 pieces of clothing and got 5 tickets, which meant we could take 5 things off the rack of clothing. I picked up some really pretty things including some pretty pumps with bows on!
I got to meet Carrie from wishwishwish, my absolute favourite blogger! and I met loads of other bloggers too, who were all oh so lovely, including Kristabel, Christine, Carrie and Lucy . Sorry if I missed people out, it was abit too loud and hectic to remember peoples blogs and names, etc.
Here are a couple of pictures (sorry about the bad pictures, I was sweating and my makeup was crappy, bad times!)

Carrie, Me Hannah and Rachel

Hannah and Me

Lucy, Rachel Me and Nicola

I was wearing a vintage jumper off ebay which was £20, I LOVE it so much! And I got a few compliments on it too :) I'll have to show you what I 'swapped' in a future post :) And if any of you were there, please comment me and say hello! I really want to find out who picked up some of the things I brought with me haha :)
Unforyunately I didn't get a goody bag at the end, I can't remember why, I think I just forgot haha! But I absolutely loved it and venturing to London by myself was the scariest thing in the world, but TOTALLY worth it!
Thanks to all the bloggers and the event organisers, it was amazing.
Don't forget to enter the contest. :)

p.s. Thanks so much Hannah and Rachel :)


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