Boxing day = Sales of course!

Oh Christmas. It was lovely and I recieved some gorgeous presents and I am a very happy girl! I am not going to be doing the christmas haul until after new years because:
1. Everyone will do them now
2. I want to do my new years posts noww
3. Not many people are blogging around christmas (with good reason!) so not many people will get a chance to see!
So there you go. But I have a lovely boxing day sales haul for you. So don't get too upset ;)

The boxing day sales? Weren't that great. Me and my mum have gone the past 3 years and they are usually beyond uh-mazing. But this year they weren't that great and I only spent around £40, which is weird for me at boxing day sales! My dad explained that because of the credit drunch, many retailers try not too overbuy stock, and therefore there isn't muxch leftover to getr id of. To be honest, the run up to christmas sales were probably better, because they wanted rid before christmas came. Ughhh.

Well I convinced my dad to go to the oh so wonderful meadowhall, sheffield. It was pretty packed, and i was hot and crazy trying to get around the shops.
Here is what I got lovelies :)

So the first pic up there is a close up of the bodysuit thingymajig I got from topshop. Its gorgeous! It goes so well with jumper I bought from there too, you can't really see it but it's a charcoal grey. Perfect! £12 each reduced from £20 & £25. Bargain!

Next is the primark goodies. The pic is awful, sorry I took all these when it was dark! So anyway, the blazer is really soft and a lvoely light grey. I wasn't sure about the colour, but I always wear fairly dark tops etc, so fancied a change! Next is the lovely cream dress, has my eye on it ever since it was in look magazine. And then some knee high socks with bows on.
The dress - £5 reduced from £15 / Blazer - £8 reduced from 14 / socks - £1.50

Oh and of course this amazing object...

If you follow me or even just read this blog, I've been longing for the primer potion. However, £11 for one item of make-up? uhhm.. NO! But I got a £15 giftcard for christmas for boots.. what else could I have possibly bought? ;)

Finally, when I went shopping for presents, I was a tiny bit (well, VERY) selfish and bought myself some goodies:

Graffiti best top is from H&M and was £3!!! Reduced from £7. Me and Ruth both bought it haha! Then The floral one is from Primark and was £4! I know, frickin unblievable :) The florally photo frames were £1.50 from the charity shops and £1.75 for the florally make-up bag thing. Then Batiste dry shampoo, I can't remember how much but from superdrug and then some skin coloured tights by themselves, very randomly, 50p from primark :) Oh I also wrapped all my presents in this lovely wrapping paper:

£1 for quite a big roll from where else? : Primark!

I think I'm going to town tomorrow to look for some more goodies, as my lovely friend ruth found some amazing jewellery in places and I really need to stock up! As I was only focusing on clothes. Plus, I have £20 left to spend ;)
How have you found the sales? Pick up anything nice? Or nothing at all because of the tug on our wallets from christmas? haha.
Hope you all had a super duper christmas and I'll be posting very soon!

P.s. Have a look at this blog!


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