Why don't you just go blog about it?

I was supposed to do all this post Thursday! But I ended up seeing my beautiful friend Izzy, and then lots of stuff happened in my life that just stopped me posting!
It's not a biggie.. I was going to do the contest but I want that to have a whole post to itself, which will be the next one.. I promise!

So we put our decorations up already OFC! They're so pretty! Well this year I was sick of al the old baubles and tinsel we've collected over the years and I wanted a proper coloured theme and pretty decorations. And heres what we got!

And all these? £2.50!!!!!!
From a carboot sale no less! My mum spotted them and I was just like ahhhh because they are actually perfect! They go well in the living room cause it's blue and just, wow. It was SUCH a bargain! And my dad set me in charge and gave me a £10 budget (cause I told him I'll thrift everything') and so I've got more money to spend on some more stuff.. but what else? I was thinking a few bits of tinsel here and there and we need a star on top of the tree haha ;)
Are YOU excited about christmas..? I AM!

Oh and I wore this on friday. Enjoy ;D

I'd usually have two pictures but my dad took them and they were AWFUL! And blurry. So this is the best I got ;D


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