Gossip Girl Style : Jenny Humphrey/Taylor Momsen

Jenny Humphrey, played by the gorgeous Taylor Momsen, has been through a massive fashion transition throughout the show. I realised there were 3 stages of her style, that have developed and changed over the seasons, with some more successful than others. Regardless, I think the fashion of Jenny Humphrey reflects perfectly why we LOVE gossip girl .. theres a million different styles these girls have and we envy!


This was in mainly season 1, Jenny was only 14! She wore very basic clothes with little necklaces, etc. Theres not much development of fashion on her part, but it's not surprising. This was her girliest phase, pastel and bright colours mixed with knee high socks and pumps.
Verdict: She was only young, but her simplistic style was adorable, and fit her age well. A respectable 7/10.


This was her BIGGEST transformation. Her style is very punk-esque, lots of black eyeliner and dark colours. I personally loved the edgy Jenny, she really came into her own and was totally different to everyone else. Biker boots, black tights and a rock styled shirt = perfect combination!
Verdict: My favourite style, it really wins me over. A brilliant 10/10!


A mix of both rock and girly, Jenny in the new seasons looks very different! She still has a rocky edge, but she mixes it with girly accesories and curly extensions. Unfortunately I really hate the extensions, they look tacky :/. But her style is very unique and I give her credit for her accessories, they always make her outfits have that bit more 'oopmph'.
Verdict: It may be a lovely mix of styles, but it's not as good as the punk look. A lovely 8.5/10 (Because I really do despise her extensions!)

So the rock look comes out on top! But the real question is, which one is YOUR favourite?
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