Brown brogues in the snow.


I look so mardy in the first picture hah!
The dress is something my older sister gave my younger sister, and she hadn't even worn it so I pinched it (sorry!) The tights are my mums, the bag is from the carboot (50p!), and the brogues are newwww babies! £14 off ebay *ouch!* But I've wanted brown heeled brogues for such a long time! And the heel is small enough to handle distances, and it matches my pretty bag.

And yes, look how beautiful. £17 primark *ouch even more* I was on a spending christmas monies splurge haa! They only had one pair left in my size - If thats not fate I don't know what is ;) They are so punk and not my usual style. But I proper loooove them :D
And can I just say, it was FREEZING taking those pictures. Never again! And the snow was so so thick, I had to do them all next to my door, where the snow was shoved to the side! The things I do for you guys ;)


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