Brogues: Granny Shoes or Vintage Chic?

Brogues are everywhere right now. They are highly sought after, and I am yet to see a pair under £20! You have all seen my black and white brogues, which I bought for a measley £1.50 at a carboot (brand new I might add!), but I would probably have invested around £25 in a good pair. I love them that much!
Flats are the best for casual wear, but you can always dress them up, like emma has done. My rule for flat brogues is to try and mix it up.
You can also get heeled brogues, which I am always scared to come across granny like when I wear them. Here are my pairs:

My grey ones were £5 from a chairty shop, originally new look. They are great to go with pretty much anything! They have a pointed toe, which makes them less granny, and more chic. The brown pair are complete and utter granny, but I adore them! As long as you wear them right, I think brown brogues are the way forward! These black suede ones are perfect for a night out.

Also, If anyone else has noticed the new incoming fashion or worker boots (which are pretty much everywhere right now)I have seen some gorgeous ones in Matalan. They look exactly like these :

And they're £18!!! Yes, you heard right my friends! Get your bum down to Matalan, because they are the cheapest I have seen, and I doubt they will be there long :) I'm not sure if I want them yet, So I have to make my mind up, and fast!

Hope you enjoy my little post lovelies!


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