Happy Australia Day! - Aussie event at the rainforest cafe

Enter my contest here!

On Tuesday, it was officially Australia day! And I got to spend it at the lovely rainforest cafe in London with a bunch of wonderful bloggers :) The event was hosted by Aussie, and Hannah (london--rose.blogspot.com) was one of the bloggers organising the event. I was on her guest list and I got to come along, and it was such a fantastic night :) The other beautiful bloggers organising the event with her were Amy (Lipgloss86.com) and Jenny (Thestylepa.com)
I got the coach (a 4 hour coach may I add!) there and as soon as I came up from the piccadilly tube, I was LOST. Hannah has no signal in the cafe because it was downstairs, so when I rung her it wouldn't go through! I rung my mum who was looking on google maps trying to direct me! It was pretty hectic, but thankfully I found it :)

These pictures are a few of the surroundings the Rainforest cafe! It was great and added a really nice Aussie feel to the place, the gorilla moved his arms and everything! they also had some Aussie food but because I came late I didn't really get to eat much, but I didn't really mind :)

There was a polaroid camera there, and we ended up stealing it for abit! So I got to have some lovely polaroids of me, which is great cause I wish I could afford to take lots of polaroids all the time! -

Milly, Pippa, Ling, me & Hannah.

Me & Hannah kissing the sexy frog ;)

Catwalk outfit & Outfit for the event - Topshop floral bodice - £12 , H&M tutu - £10, Handmade hair bow, Real ballet flats - Katz
My outfit for the catwalk contest was made by me and my mum, it's silver material, a cropped blazer with matching skirt and bow hairband :) It was inspired by Dannii and Kylie Minogue, as the contest was sortof for aussie inspired outfits. and guess what?
I WON :) I think it was just because I made the outfit and put alot of effort into it, which I'm so glad that it payed off!
And what I won..?

It's a red letter days voucher worth £50! I couldn't believe it! I'm giving it to my mum, shes always there helping me with my random trips to London and what not, and she helped make the outfit!

Here are a few more snaps!:

(picture from thestylepa.com)
Milly & me (picture from thestylepa.com) / Me & Lucy

Overall it was such a nice evening and I met such lovely people (special shoutouts to Milly, Pippa, Ling, Carrie, Lucy and many others! Sorry If I forgot you!) And we all got a little goody bag each:

Some people got chocolate in theirs and things varied, but I liked my goody bag :) The drink tokens were for the night, and I hardly used mine. I was way too tired for alcohol haha!
Big thanks to the Aussie people there and Hannah of course, for inviting me! It's my second bloggers event and I they are always so much fun! All the bloggers I have met have been so so lovely, and the organisers really put on a good time for everyone!


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