Cameo keyring - Accessorize £2.50 / Yours&mine necklace - Accessorize £2.50 / Heart necklace - Miso £2.00 / Cameo ring - Miso £2.00 / Owl necklace - Primark £1.50 / Pearl necklace - Primark £3.00

These are the pieces of jewellery I bought in the sale :D I want to turn the keyring into a necklace, it's so pretty!
I'm really into pearls and gold pieces at the moment, and pretty floral jewellery. Think It's gonna be a big trend for spring 2010 :)

OH and I won another award ages ago that I forgot to do :) Thanks to ms.gee

1. I am 5ft. Yes you read right.
2. I think family guy is the funniest thing in the whole world, and I would marry Seth Macfarlane because he is so god damn funny. If only he wasn't 36 *sigh*
3. I hate my voice and my annoying Yorkshire accent haha
4. Buy me something hello kitty and I'll love you (L)
5. All my subjects are unfashion related and I really regret it!
6. I don't really like talking about my successes, I do consider myself quite modest in that way.
7. I am an Atheist.
I'm supposed to past this onto 7 others but I am just gonna pass it on to all of my followers.. Because I am 4 followers away from 100, thankyou so much everyone! I really appreciate everyone that follows and comments this blog, it means alot that my efforts toward fashion and other things, don't go unnoticed. And please feel free to email me at any time with any questions at all! -
Thankyou lovelies.


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