Tied up with string.

My mum bought the wrong size business cards to start off with. The stamps we ordered from terbearco have the title, logo, and contact information all in one. However because the cards are too small, I didn't want a pack of 30 going to waste (30 for £2 off ebay, not bad!) so I decided to seperate the parts and ink stamp seprately. It was tricky and fiddly and ended up blotchy (the blog link at the bottom is very blotted haha) and it's all abit annoying really. But they turned out pretty lovely and i added a ribbon in the hole and tied it into a bow. Voila!
I think if you're going to have 'business cards', it's nice to make them as pretty as possible. Hand stamping can be time consuming, but I think it's alot more creative and fun! Try and get friends to help out if you don't have enough time anywho :) The bows are just a little added bonus, when we get the right sized ones i'm sure I wont have them, it would take forever to do bows on all of them!
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