Tutorial - Pocket Watch Necklace. <3

An old stopwatch, or pocket watch. Doesn't need to work.
A bow, or anything cute you want to add on
A bobble/elastic band
A long chain, or short, again depends on what you prefer.
Super super glue!
Metal link/hoop (that you find on necklaces)

1. Attach the bow to an elastic band/bobble with super glue. Make sure you leave it and top it up when needed for at least a day, having the bobble and bow attached securely is the most important bit.

2. Wrap the bobble around the top part of the stop watch (where you click down) to show how you want it to go. When happy, place the super glue underneath the bobble and such, so it's all in place. Most elasticated bobbles you can get around the thing twice, or more. Make sure the last possible wrap around is not glued!

3. Get a hoop and (this bits fiddly) shut it onto the bobble bit on the back. Make sure when you shut it, you include the chain.

4. Glue it all down, Trying not to get the hoop glued down, but you can if you want!

5. Keep glueing everything, to make it extra secure.

6. VOILA ;)

Sorry my instructions are VERY vague, any queries, comment below or email me and I will definately comment back. Have a go, it costs next to nothing and looks SO nice on! Tell me if you made your own too, would love to see what you guys have come up with!

The pocket watches can be found anywhere and everywhere! My lovely friend Joshua had this broken one on his floor in his room that he got from a carboot, he let me have it though :)

Also, I've got a lookbook. Hype Hype Hype!? ;D

Next blog post will be on my hong kong items and a few tidbits.
Look out for major revamp of our store and business cards!


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