You've got mail.

If I could choose to live anywhere I think it would be Hong Kong. Everything about it is so fascinating, the city, people and culture. I decided to buy a few things from there, as they sell the most adorable and quirky items.

This is my favourite thing out of them all. It's a lunchbox.. no really, it is! It has several layers and is actually pretty big. I can fit pasta and such in, with sweet things in one layer and maybe something savoury in the other layer, nuts maybe? Theres also a circular sized one (it's a burger, duh!) but it was smaller. I may buy it though, it's a great size for a bagel :)

The cutest things I have ever come across.. seriously! modcloth have some cute panda bear ones, but they're expensive for headphones, and the postage is also alot. I found these babies for £3.79! Thats cheap for headphones, let alone ones with ducks on!

I used pictures from the internet rather than take them myself, mine came out crap ;/ This is my new planner and I am in love with everything about it. It has cute and quirky images in it. Please check out more pictures here, as the pictures in it really are beautiful!

Sorry again, I'm slacking on the shop front. I've officially decided to change my layout.. ah! It's such a big change, but I will hopefully have got it done by next week. Don't worry, my logo with the plane and clouds is staying the same.

Thanks for all your lovely comments, and if you want to trade links, a comment on any post will do!

Sayonara! <3


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