Feeling brave.

I went to Bridlington a week ago and picked up some really nice clothes. Bridlington is a lovely little seaside place and we went for a day trip as a family, there were nice charity shops and a cheap market place with tacky clothes. You know what I mean? But I kinda like them shops and market stalls with these cheap clothes, if you wear them right they can look really expensive looking and although the quality is always pants, it's pretty much the same as primark (except more people wear primark)

This is a cricket jumper, I saw it and though "woww, this is so vintage!" and would look so casual yet chic with jeans and pumps. It was £4.30 from a charity shop. The two scarves were from this kinda bootsale thing outside of somerfield, for charity I think. They weree 50p each! I love themm, the nautical one I already have one similar but I couldn't resist for 50p.

I got about 4 skirts from the same bootsale thing from the same stall. I got a pretty red/blue one and a leather one (!) But I LOVE these two in the picture. They're both high waisted pencil skirts and were £1 each! They would look amazing with my brogues and were such a steal :)

Anchor vest - Market stall £4, Red Cardigan - Market stall £8, Jeggings - Ebay £8, New look ballet pumps - Carboot £2, Geek glasses - £2.50!

This is what i wore when I went back to school on friday.Geek glasses are so in right now & I've had them for ages but i've been waay to scared to wear them out. People at school don't really get fashion which isn't as simple as a 'long top and leggings' or a 'top and jeans' combo, so I was initially so so nervous. But I love them, got a few compliments and I don't think anyone realised they weren't REAL glasses haha. I love nautical right now, although it's abit dated! The jeggings however will be a HUGEE hit for autmun/winter so get a few pairs in now! I've also purchased a pair of ankle/pixie boots, which i feel will be big for autmun (: I'm starting to change my style recently, I'm into more vintage clothing & I think it shows!

Etsy is slowly but surely making progress, I'm learning more things and I am really excited for new items and such. I'm sorting out getting business cards made and getting pretty packaging. Please bare with me!

Also putting some new items on ebay so check them out here.

Hows everybody feeling about going back to school/work? I'm actually excited. I'll be doing a guide on back to school things so look out for that ;)



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