Cruise club.

I got my exam results the other day and i was very pleased with them! The best part about results is seeing your friends do well, and i'm very proud of them all. Especially my amazing friend tanith who did ridiculously well!

As i went to get my results, i decided to have a lie in. Instead of getting there for 10 i got there for 11. No one except teachers were around and i did prefer being more alone that with others, just because if i'd of got crap results they'd of pestered me for what they were. I wore this:

Dress - Primark but from a charity shop, Shoes - Carboot, Bag - VERY CHEAP from a carboot!, Belt - Carboot, you'll have seen this on all the posts!!

Then i popped into my local vintage shop (with the crazy priced Suzy Smith bag from the post below!) and found this BEAUTIFUL OBJECT.

It's a lovely nautical esque jumper with a beautifully stitched motif on the front. It has pin stripes on the shoulders, and shoulderpads! Thats not the best part.
it was only £6! And i didn't try it on, just cause i knew i wanted it and it wa a steal. But when i got home, i realised it fits beautifully.

Hope you guys recieved good results and sorry for the extra post on myself. I Promise there shall be more things that just me wearing my clothes. The etsy shop hasn't had updates because my mums on holiday and we are hoping to take in a few things. Please tell me your ideas and what not, i'd love to hear them! :)


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