What I've been up to.

I've not really had a post about me before, it's mainly about fashion and etsy and what not. Well, On monday and Tuesday, i went to my local shopping outlet (lmao i find it hilarious saying this, but i cannot say the name for you know, security reasons) and the Tuesday i nipped into town.

The monday was just fun catching up with my friend Conor (who reads this blog, SHOUTOUT TO CONOR!) who i haven't seen in ages! We didn't really shop as he hadn't been paid and i was just a tag along (or as i like to think, a fashion guide) for him so we just sortof walked around, got a shake and pizza. The usual. What I was AMAZED by is the new HOLLISTER it has! We actually had no idea how to get in and when we went in it was a sortof cave (with palm trees?) and was all very mysterious. It didn't feel like a shopping outlet anymore and it was amazing! I was abit nervous of taking pictures as the flash was obvious as it was dark (maybe a little TOO dark) in there so thats an excuse for the bad quality pictures.

On the Tuesday me and my lovely and oldest friend Saffy (she will probably stumble on here at some point, so ofc i have to say hello!) went into town to pick me up some tights from primark. It randomly started to rain. As soon as i stepped off the bus it was crazy weather! I found it hilarious that the guys on their little market stands were doing amazingly well with selling their polka dot umbrellas, because of the crazy weather change! Then all of a sudden it was boiling and hot, which made me and Saffy feel much better, just because packing our sunnies in our bag when the weather is rainy and cold is ridiculous. But it started shining so we whipped them out :) I also posted something to an ebay customer and we popped into TK MAXX and TJ HUGHES.

Dress - Primark, Shoes - Primark, Legging - Topshop, Bag - jumble sale (50p!!)
So this is what i wore on the tuesday (Yes, it's the outfit from the carboot!), i was going to wear heels but i didn't. I love this combo with the pumps. Nomnom.

If you've ever heard of Suzy Smith, then you will know the brand has some pretty amazing bags! The red one is £40. And i would give my left foot for it! I never spend that amount on anything, ever! But I'm very tempted, it could fit alot of things in it and I'm the type of girl that carries her life around in her bag! The second bag was a bag i saw in my local vintage shop for £30! What? It's £15 here, and brand new! Eh? are you kidding me?

I had to take a picture of all the amazingly cheap and somewhat tacky stuff in TJ HUGHES. The makeup was crappy but it was still in bucket loads and the collection of bed head and catwalk hair products was amazing and cheap! I really want to start buying them, my sainsburys own brand coconut shampoo & conditioner isn't really doing anything for me!

This week I:
Listened to - Send me on my way - rusted root (the matilda song) :')
Taylor swift - All of them, but especially you belong with me. I've fallen for her!
& Paramore - Ignorance, their new album is gonna be awessssomeee!

Lusted over - Suzy smith bags!
A gorgeous vintage jumper for £6 which I'm buying ASAP!
Cups of tea (nothing new haha)

Firefoxed - Facebooks UNO! It's crazy!
Ebay, got two new items which will be on shortly
Twitter, I'm trying to tweet often. No one cares about my tweets though haha!

I've decided on my blog I'll try and do a fortnightly what i've been up to blog! I'm also going to try and include the little tid bits about music and shops and stuff :) Sorry if you find me really boring..!

More etsy items coming shortly! xxxx


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