More etsy stuff and OOTD + pleasure Island.

Woo! I had an amazing (and very exhausting) day todayy! So for the past week i have well and truelly been glued to my computer chair (quite literally) trying to get my lovely etsy shop up and running, monitoring my twitter and doing up my blog. It's nice to know it's paid off as i couldn't be happier with the result.. but i had no life for a whole week..WHAT?!

So i went away with my dad sister and 3 cousins. They're originally from England but moved away to Dubai & France so they come over at summer & christmas and what not. My french cousin couldn't speak English as well as the others as he hadn't lived in England for a long time before he moved and we never reaally spoke. But we went to pleasure island, which is this awesome family themepark in cleethorpes, and he was the only one going on the rollercoasters with me (Yep, rollercoaster junkie here folks!) Although it's kinda tacky and old, it's still ultra fun for a day out and was nice seeing my cousins even if they are really young and get on with my sister better. Heres a couple of pictures.

Great pictures.. I'm sure you were very interested. Haha. Anyway yesss, Well i opted for this outfit today and I loved it so much I'm doing at OOTD (outfit of the day) which i will hope to do frequently. I had hardly any makeup on today so the sunnies were on alot. S'ok though, was hot enough! :)

Dress -, Leggings - Sisters, Sandals - Faith, Belt - Carboot!, Sunnies - Sisters (I'm such a thief i know.. shes 11!)

I don't really like the pictures, I wasn't wearing make-up and i looked crappy after all the rides. But watevs. Onto the new etsy items.. there are some beauts!

Sequin black evening party vintage dress ♥ - £17/$28

Green vintage floral dress ♥ - £15/$25

Orange jumper vintage cardigan gold nautical ♥ - £7/$11

I adore everything there, of course they will be added to my iheartvintagex offical stock post: clothing, along with everything else in stock with a little more info. (which is found here)
So that is it for now! I have one follower (thanks ruth!) so i would LOVE more, just to know I'm not constantly updating this blog for myself (hey i don't mind that much.. it's still awesome!) theres links to everything on the sidebar under follow us including our twitter ebay and of course following through blogspot and bloglovin'.

So any of you guys been to themeparks with the family.. or even pleasure island, cleethorpes? And what should I do to improve this blog?

love love love love xxx


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