Carboot Haul & New ebay items.

I went to the carboot sale today and it was without a doubt the best carboot i have been to. Me and my mum picked up so many amazing things. Some of these are on ebay right now, so go check them out :) Our ebay can be found here. Lets begin shall we?

So we got to the first row and we ended up coming across these two items, on stalls next to each other -

I have been wanting a belt for ages that was brown, and this was perfect. It was only 50p, which was an absolute bargain. The shoes were £1 and i thought they matched pretty well, so why not? Plus, the pumps were only £1 :)

The girls on this stall (young girls, so you can usually tell they have awesome things) Also had these two tops -

The greeny turquoise is a dorothy perkins and i LOVE it. The bow detail the buttons, everything. The blouse was a george brand or something and i love that its very unique, it reminds me of primark but better and something i would buy for around £4. Yep, these two were 50p each. Unbelievable

These are being sold on ebay right now for 99p! Click here.
The same women had these shoes for a £1, now i was abit funny cause i'd brought a fiver (i'd told myself not to spend loads) and already i was spending stuff on the FIRST ROW. We had about 10 more to go. But they are beautiful they have tartan insoles, never been worn. They are a size 6 so check them out :)

I'm not sure why, but this carboot was full of amazing and BEAUTIFUL shoes. Oh and cheap! Here are some we got -

These fit me (thank god!) and are very unusual. I thought ohh crap i've bought another pair of shoes i'll never wear, but I still love them! I was thinking they'd look awesome with mustard yellow tights and a plain black dress. What do you think? Doesn't matter, they were only £1!

These are being sold on ebay right now for 99p! Click here.
One word.. YUM! These are brand new size 6 grey new look bootie heels. They are amazing and I am very gutted that they do not fit me :( They were.. £2! I couldn't believe it. They are a size 6.

These are being sold on ebay right now for 99p! Click here.
Anyone else thinking.. the PERFECT summer shoes? Brand new (the elastic bit that keeps them together is still on it!) and in mint condition! These are primark and i've never seen them there before. They have a beautiful floral pattern on them and they were only.. 1 WHOLE POUND. I couldn't believe it. Size 6 again. How i wish so hard i was a size 6. Eurgh.

I don't know where i picked this cute cardi up from, but it was only £1! From primark, its so cute and a summer cardi which i haven't got. I love it :) Keeping this beauty.

This is being sold on ebay right now for 99p! Click here.
My mum saw this belt and bought it for 50p, which is crazy. When we got back i read that it was from RIVER ISLAND! Wow, that must have been exspensive, its pretty, too!

I wanted a couple of baths and toiletries things so i picked these three up, 60p for the lot! Hardly used at all.. i couldn't believe it! The fcuk is pretty and pink, will spruce up my bathroom for sure!

I have too many necklaces and don't really buy them because of that but THIS was amazing! It was £2 and i couldn't take my eye off it! It's a genuine red herring necklace and ahh i love it :)

So after ALL that palava at the first carboot, we went to another (long story) but it was shorter and i felt so sick from the heat i didn't wanna go, but i kept my mum company. Am i glad i went!! Look at what i picked up -

Okay so we have a topshop blue blousey thing first. They have something identical in primark only crappier and not as good quality. This was £1. Score.
Number two is very very long and I'm gonna get my mum to shorten it. Its a H&M dress that looks rather funny, but it's nice on! Was £2
Finallyy this was lovely! £1 and its dorothy perkins and very blousey and what not. I love it!

Well that was the end of the carboot. I hope you enjoyed this massive post. Alot of you may be wondering what crazy woman am i for posting the cheap prices i bought my items for. Well it's this reason. I figure that most of you would like to buy something even though I got it cheaper.. why not? Plus I've started them all at 99p and they are no where near the price they were originally, so please take a look and tell me what you think. Coming shortly i have a couple more things for the clothing side of our shop, along with the accesories including a gorgeous autumn(fall)/winter hat and some killer heels!

Till next sunday for the carboot haul, my lovely friend ruth from redlips&smarttips will be joining me and its sure to be an interesting haul, thats for sure!

love iheartvintagex


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