It was sunday yesterday. You know what that means..

Me and ruth had the best time ever. That's no exaggeration! We spent the whole day together and i had such a nice time! It's weird when you make pretty newish friends and you feel like you've known them your whole life! We had a massive takeaway, we took pictures for blogs and just shopped at the carboot. We have such similar taste that everything we picked up, we wanted. We even realised we owned the same straighteners, and i mean these arent even that popular straighteners. It gets so spooky sometimes how much we are the same! She got some amazing things so check her out, i'm jealous of everything she got really, but we didn't fight haha. Except we saw a bag we both wanted and i yelled NO! in the middle of the carboot. Yeah. It was so embarassing!!

This is a size 14 and is very baggy on me, but i like that. I'd have to wear a vest with it cause you'd be able to see my bra and you know, i don't really want you to be able to see it haha! It was £1.50 and it is originally from primark and it's my new favourite dress. The pumps are brand new! Have a bow and a gold chain sorta middle and they're a size 5(!) but the woman insisted they were a small fit so i tried them on and my size 3 feet fit them. Woah! £1. I love them. My new favourite (and comfyyy) pumps!

Theres SO much primark stuff sold at carboots! Well this dress is primark (clearly) and is lovely! I think it was £1 or £1.50.. don't know. But its a great party dress and has all the diamantes on (these people at carboots sell very good conditioned things!) The bag i think is primark but has no label, its cute but big enough for my crap and was 50p. Bargain!

This skirt is a size 12 and doesnt fit :( But i will get my mum to take it in for me. It was £1 and when i got it after i was like hmm its abit crap but no way, it looks so cute on!! The bag is my favourite buy. It was 70p? Or something and the woman insisted it was the new fashion bag coming in for 2009.. me and Ruth give her credit for trying haha but i love this vintage baby, it's got a cute clasp and makes me feel like a first lady! (the brown belt is from a previous carboot and omg i wear it with EVERYTHING!)

The grey sequined dress was £1 and its really heavy! It's quite baggy and is very versatile, I could wear it with a range of different things. The wet look graffiti leggings, I'm not sure where they are sold you know but i've wanted some for AGES! They were £2. Both very punk i think. Well.. punk-ish haha.

£1.50. ONE WHOLE POUND AND 50 PENCE! I couldn't believe it. Theyre genuine leather (trust me, the smell is pretty awful!) and they are brand new and MY SIZE!!! Thye're the nicest brogues ever and whats even crazier is that they even have the reciept. I checked and i could actually go to the store and get £28 store credit with the receipt and shoes, but I'm not going to. They're B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Don't even wanna touch them they're that nice!

Ohh i forgot to add these on! These are really cute topshop pumps with a kitten heel and they were a pound. They aren't my size (noo!) but I'm happily going to post them on ebay so keep a close eye guys :)

So my new posts are going to be one on how to make your room 'pretty'. I tidied my room recently (trust me i'm a SLOB and it was disgusting beforehand) and i want to show you creative ways to do stuff, cause i think my room looks pretty unique and simple. And i've got some new stuff coming on etsy shortly! Sorry I've kinda abandoned things I've been out having a life for once! So i wasn't on here much.

Muchos love xxxx


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