Small Haul.

So on sunday, I went to a carboot (what a surprise!) and picked up a couple of things. I didn't go crazy with buying things as I'm slightly broke :(

I decided rather recently I wanted to slowly start doing my room up. I love the whole vintage and 'shabby chic' look for rooms right now, So whilst at the carboot I looked out for things that would fit into this category. I found two little pot containers with a floral pattern on for a £1 the pair and I also found this gorgeous item.

It's a real phone, but I don't have a cable for it running through my room so it's pretty much for decoration at the moment! I love it, although it's not real vintage, as it doesn't have the turny dial thing for the phone & it works with cables, I still love the vintage feel you get from it. It was 50p aswell. Which i was suuuper happy about, as I probably would have paid alot more for it anyway!

I also stocked up on hair stuffs (: -

First we have the hair curlers. They're heated and brand new! Only £1 and I needed some decent hair curlers so i thought why not?
Then we have the Mark Hill de-frizz spray and tresseme serum. 50p each and hardly used, pretty basic products needed to help my unruly hair! I love coming across these as they're about £3-4 each in shops!
Then theres the shampoo and conditioner by Toni&Guy. It's called 'Model me, Jamelia' By the singer Jamelia I think. It's apparently great for dry hair, which i unfortunately have. Looks very pretty and were 50p for both. They're also hardly used so that was a plus :)
Lastly theres a little waterproof mascara by collection 2000, unused and was 50p :) I haven't got a waterproof one & I'm sure this autumn the UK will be full of showers!

I got this, (not from the carboot!) for my friends birthday. I won't say the price because my friend may well read this blog haha :)

This was something I saw and knew she would love. She does, and shes now replaced her black 'ray-ban lookalikeys' with these babies instead! ;D

For about a month now I have been reading and watching makeup gurus online, trying to find the best types of make-up for my skin type etc. The thing is i've NEVER been one for make-up, I am constantly forgetting to put foundation on as I am in a hurry and even when I apply it I get scared I look too plastic and it is cakey.
I decided to invest in a nice foundation, so on monday I wandered into my shopping outlet and stumbled upon the MAC counter. A woman looked at me and asked if I needed any help (my face probably looked very confused, the pretty colours of the make-up is very mesmerising!) and I said yes, I need to find a decent foundation. So she sat me down and did about 3 different ones. I wanted a liquid one, I'm not much of a fan on the mineralised foundations. She found the perfect foundation for me, not too cakey and has SPF 15 (very important!) and I bought it. Now I know you probably think i'nm crazy, i'm the girl who buys ridiculously cheap clothes from carboots, and I spent £22 on a foundation? To be fair it wil probably be better in the long run and I think it's one of the best things to invest in. Plus, I LOVE IT.

MAC studio sculpt (40ml) in NC44 - £22.50
CLINIQUE dramatically different moisturizing lotion (30ml) - £4.00
AVON foundation brush - £3.50

I'd heard rave reviews about the Clinique moisturiser, and now I know why! It's amazing for dry skin (which is my skin type, BTW) and I purchased the small bottle to try out for about £3.50 from ebay. It will probably last quite long anywho, but when it runs out i'm definately buying the bigger version. The avon foundation brush was just the cheapest one i could find but it was very brand new and packaged, it's also very soft to touch and great for a beginner :) I wasn't going to get a MAC brush cause they're ALOOT and this was very very cheap! So overall the money i've spent is a great investment and I am very happy with my now updated face routine in the mornings. The great things is most people have noticed my face looks 'glowing'.. not 'ohh have you got a foundation on?' which was the whole point!

I really think it's a worthwhile investment and if you are unsure, check out your MAC counter :) my lady was lovely and spoke to me like I was a human, not an animal (even though i was wearing trackies and no make-up, aha!) which is nice cause i've heard some people hate the people at their MAC counters. They also gave me a small pot with my colour in to try out for a few days, so if it broke me out or I plain just hated it, iI could get a refund, cause i haven't touched my 40ml tube! The pot will probably last me about a week!

Sorry about the overly long post guys! If you follow me on twitter you may have read the custom stamps for iheartvintagex have come, so I will shortly be doing BUSINESS CARDS. Woo! I'm so excited, as soon as I can get them up I will show you :)
From Tuesday - Friday, I will do my OOTD that I've been wearing to school! So four lovely outfits and I really want your honest opinions!
I now have 8 followers and I genuinely apprecite every single one of you, and my readers who just read without clicking the follow button! But no one has been commenting with ideas and ways to improve, which i desperately need! So please please comment on what you'd like to see and I will hopefully be able to do it :)

I shouldn't have named this 'small haul', aha the under construction version of this was very short indeed. Oh well, I wanted to feature the MAC foundation super quickie anyways.

Leave a comment to tell me how to improve, or just anything really. I make it a must to try and reply to every comment I get, :)


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