Outfit of the week.

(the outfits go from tuesday-friday, go from left to right)

£1 West one dress from carboot
Belt, random!
Cheap very sheer tights from Primark
£5.00 Pixie boots, ebay!
Hair - Sleek and straight

I tried to get the effect of a punk style, without neccessarily just wearing all black. This dress was from the last sunday, I didn't post it in the small haul post cause I knew i'd wear it here. Pixie boots are really in and try and grab a pair off ebay! If not, primark will probably catch onto the fashion and do them cheap, so just wait until then :) I think this is perfect for school because its something you could get away with wearing in the day or night really, It was my more adventurous outfit to be fair though, but i think going punk once in a while is a must! :)

50p Check blue dress (included white thin belt), carboot
£1 Primark pumps, carboot
Hair - Curly

I can't say much about this outfit other than yes, this dress was 50p and I look like i'm wearing a picnic blanket. Most schools wouldn't approve of the 'above knee length dress' and my school doesn't, but I really couldn't care less, I can't wear this lovely girl dress with tights! Well, I was intending to wear them with my white tights but I couldn't find them :( My school didn't notice however. Anyway, moral of this is, always make time for a pretty dress! The day started out freezing and then warmed up later, which was so so lucky! Wearing curly hair with a check sortof dress looks so adorable.. all you need is a bow in your hair and you're like alice in wonderland!

£1.50 lacey top over vest, carboot
£6 Primark skirt, Primark
Same shoes as above
Hair - Messy wavy bob, clipped in with grips!

Oh, the 'secretary' look. I've done this so many times before, but this ones by far the best! I wore heels to school but I took them off before I took the picture and couldn't be bothered to put them back on. I think I looked abit too smart maybe, but the lacey blouse made it less work and more girly. Also, having my hair is a messy bun, rather than bang stright or curly, means i don't look too 'done up' This look is always something fun and I think every girl should try it. Very gossip girl and very daring, but you feel fantastic knowing you took the risk, trust me!

Large mens shirt
£8 Jeggings, ebay
£3 primark chanel style pumps, ebay
Necklace - HANDMADE! (:
Hair - Mega volume crazyness

I love this outfit! It's so so simple, yet chic. I'm very hesitant to wear necklaces with outfits (i never used to, they were my favourtie accessory!!) as they can be too clumpy. But this casual outfit meant one of the focal points was this gorgeous item. It was made by myself, and next blog post you'll be happy to hear, is a tutorial on how to do it yourself! Anyway, back to the outfit.. my hair is mega crazy on the pic. Is wasn't THAT volumised at school, i kept pumping it up before the picture was taken, heh, sorry! I was unsure that the length of the top was long enough to wear with jeggings, I use the same rule with jeggings as i do with leggings, no tops too short!! But it worked and I laav it :)

So they were my four outfits. Sorry, the lighting is CRAP, my camera is CRAP and I look CRAP. It just isn't working for me on any level whatsoever! Here are a few extra tips -

1. Don't conform. People may give you weird looks and say things like 'That strange girl is wearing huge glasses that aren't even real glasses', so what? As long as you are happy, it honestly doesn't matter. A top and jeans combo may suit some people every day, but it's not for me!
2. Don't show too much flesh/cleavage. It's still school, so there has to be a line drawn. Sometimes I may wear dresses and such quite high, but it's done in a tasteful way. As long as you don't dress 'slutty' for school, this rule can be broken in moderation.
3. Wear heels! Seriously. Buy a pair of 'comfy' heels (they exist you know) and wear them twice a month? I made a vow to wear them at least twice a week, which i'm hoping to keep!
4. Get bags to keep stuff in. Not bags to fit just your phone lipstick and purse in, seriously! A thick bag for around £30 is worth investing in, and it has to be big! Pretty little quilted chain bags are so cute and in right now but won't fit all those files and books in!
5. Bend the rules. At schools I bend the rules with the dress code alot. Like with the whole above the knee thing and so on. Uniforms especially, see how mcuh you can get away with fashion wise, e.g. personalising your uniform, wearing jumpers without their logos. With uniforms, wear skirts on ocassion :)
6. Dress casually if you want to. I'm the type of person to dress fancy for school, most people I know do not. Don't feel like you have to constantly look nice, it's only school! Sometimes jeans and a jumper with the right accessories looks just as nice!
7. Keep make-up low with a fancy outfit. And more make-up for a simple one. It balances it out more.
8. Don't be scared. So what if that girl from year 8 is wearing that same primark dress as you? You probably look better and just avoid any situations where you are near her. If you're in the same class and it happens, just laugh. It's never happened to me as of yet, but with primark bags it has. Oh no!
9. Dress for the weather. I never do this and it ruins my day. Yes, I know you wanna wear the pretty pumps today but theres 3 inches of snow outside. Wellies look just as good with the right outfit. Very festival chic!
10. Dress how you want in your own style and comfort zone. Never ever let anyone make you feel like you haven't got the right to wear what you want and express yourself in a certain way.

Sorry that this is another text heavy post. The next one is my 'pocket watch necklace' tutorial, so look out for that ;)

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thankyou for your lovely comments in my last post <33


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