Vintage fair.

On saturday, I went to a vintage fair. Now, I'm pretty much a vintage fair 'virgin', I didn't know what to expect and wasn't sure if it would be any good. There was abit of a queue but as soon as I went in, ohh my gosh! It was packed and just full of people, the stalls were jam packed with lovely vintage trinkets and it was amazing.

There were a couple of women, full out dressed head to toe in vintage. Like pinup styles, and 1960's styles, it was amazing. There was an area where you could have a cup of tea for £1, which was refillable! Which were served in lovely floral teacups. I also had a beetroot brownie, which was basically a brownie, but the beetroot made it super soft. It was mahooosive and only £1 :)

I can admit, alot of things here were overpriced. It was ridiculous how much people were willing to pay for vintage! I saw things that were nice, but thought i'd get them a million times cheaper at a carboot or charity shop! Some things were one of a kind finds, some were just overpriced vintage 'inspired'.. and not 'real' vintage. This made me thing about my prices, and how I feel that my prices are so cheap compared with these other companies! There were necklaces being charged at £28, and it costs next to nothing to make! I've decided to have a stall at the next one in December, so I will keep you posted on that. But I did find some things that were vintage and cheap :)

In reality, this dress has uber long sleeves, and is very very long. It looks like a nightie on! But i've tucked the sleeves and ruched it up on the pictures, because this is what my mum is going to do to it. It reminds me of somethig topshop would stock (and overprice!) but you can tell its genuine vintage. The lace and bows make it perfect for autumn AND summer! COST = £5

This is granny chic if I ever saw it! I ADORE this jumper, but my family and friends that I've shown it to aren't very keen. I love the argyle pattern and the strawberries, it's really kitsch! I'm a big fan of large jumpers, they look really pretty with jeggings and pumps. Also great for winter to keep you warm. Reminds me of my anchor nautical jumper I got from a vintage shop a while back, and it's the same price!COST = £6

So this is LOONG. It goes down to my ankles! But my mu is going to shorten it, and with the remaining left, she is going to make a nautical pencil skirt. I love this jacket, I was going to sell it on etsy but I'm not sure anymore, its GORGEOUS! The buttons have little anchors on them and everything. Sorry for the bad pictures, this one is sooo much better in real life. COST = Was £10, we got them to reduce it to £8!

I'm aware I need a new camera ASAP, so sorry that all my pictures on the blog are poop :( Besides that. what do you think of the NEW LAYOUT?! I really love it personally. I feel that the last layout and everything was abit too 'professional' and bland and didn't really show the side of our fashion i'd of liked. Florals are my absolute favooourite and I love the florals used on the layout. We also have a new etsy logo, so check that out too.

Sorry I took forever making a new post! Stuffs been going on, but I'm getting my act together and the shop is going under MAJOR revamping! So keep on checking back.
Let me know if you like the layout or not, and show me some of your lovely vintage finds! :)



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