Mini beauty haul & 80's themed party.

I'm getting alot more into make-up recently. Not really 'wearing' it more, but more just intrigued by it. I got some very cheeeap things from town and thought i'd have a beauty haul :) Something different for once!

The swatches are abit poop, the lighting was dark as it was in the evening. I won this off Zoe's blogsale for a fiver (including P&P!) and it's lancome and an absolute baaargain! It's the first time I've got something off a blogsale, but when i heard she was having one I had to have a go! I missed out on a few other things, but the duo palette was one of the ones i definately wanted :) Thanks Zoe, the package is loveely! Check out her blog here.

Again the swatches are craapppy! These are two pigments from primark (hah!) and they were 50p for both! Ahh! There were other pigments, butI got this one for the hot pink. They are pretty good for 25p each to be honest.. plus, It's only for a one off party. Primark had loads of 50p makeups there, so go and check them out. Some are ridiculously naff and some are actually quite good!

If you follow me on TWITTER, you will have seen that i wanted a primer, (mainly Urban decy primer potion!) but it costs alot of money. I bought this 'shimmer stick' for £1.79? It's actually pretty good for keeping eyeshadows on and gives it a pretty metallic sheen! Again, a cheap thing for this one party, but I will probably be able to use it again :) Shimmer sticks are great for cheap primers! The swatches with and without it show a massive difference aswell, makes the primark pigment really POP!

The party I've been going on about? Our school hosted a sixth form '80's themed' party! It was amazing, and I went all out, opting for a Madonna/Lady GaGa influenced style. My make-up also lasted all night, which was amazing :)

♥ Silver shimmer stick all over lid and bottom lashes
♥ Primark pink pigment all over lid, and under eye
♥ Primark black pigment on the outer corner, and bottom outer corner
♥ Natural collection kohl eyeliner top & bottom
♥ Collection 200 waterproof mascara
(Sorry about my eyebrows, need MAJOR plucking haha)

~and here are some pictures from the night :)

♥ Leopard print leotard - £11 off ebay
♥ Wet look topshop leggings- £1 carboot!
♥ Old black conversewith hot pink laces - Had them for years!
♥ The hair? - Backcombed it like craaaazy!

Sorry for lack of posts, this weekend was pretty hectic! A new post *hopefully* Will be on how to get topshop clothes cheaper, so check that out. I also want to feature a couple of things coming on the shop at some point in time! I only need a few more followers until my next giveaway, so please follow. I'm so so so excited because the things I'm ready to give away are SUPER CUTE! :D


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