Botanics - A mini review ♥

So I went to the carboot a fortnight ago, and I picked up these pretty nifty botanics things for 50p altogether! Which of course, was a lovely little bargain. I've heard many great things about botanics, they're a line by boots which are cheap and i've heard quite effective. I used all 3 everyday for a week, heres what I found :D

Say hello to crap quality? My mum still has my camera, eurgh! So my phones camera it is haha, until I get it back :)

1. Day Shift Moisture Lotion -
Tops up natural moisture levels for 12 hours, with honey and rice extract.
The smell of this is lovely! It's quite clean and not overpowering, with a sweet scent to it. I used this in the morning instead of my usual Clinique one. Of course it's hard to compare against clinique, but I found this one actually is quite hydrating! I have dry skin and I notice a difference, at school my face stayed pretty moisturised and smelt good too. Great for dry skin and a good substitute for more expensive moisturisers. (£3.91)

2. Purifying face scrub -
Sweeps away dead skin cells, contains quillaja extract to draw out impurities.
I haven't used that many face scrubs as I feel they grind on my skin, but this one was alot softer than the previous ones I have used and it genuinely left my face feeling refreshed!It's quite a large bottle so it will last a long time, however I realised a little does go a long way. Was pleasantly surprised with this baby! (£3.91)

3. Revitalising body lotion -
Ginger and ginkgo extracts to hydrate skin for 12 hours.
This was just a lovely little moisturiser I used on my hands and arms at school whenever they fell abit dry. Again, lovely smell, not too overpowering and did keep my hands all lovely and soft. Not a particular standout product, but genuinely a nice little bottle to pop into your bag if you do not want to take an expensive one!
(I can't find this on the boot website, woops!)

So overall a lovely little line! I like that they're very natural and refreshing, the smell is also very light and fresh. With alot of moisturisers they're always very perfumey and sticky and not all that great. I'd definately recommend trying anything from this line, they have a range of things to choose from :)

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Next post will be on how to add a vintage twist on a simple dress.
Until then my dears!


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