Trick or treat till the neighbours gonna die of fright.

So my Halloween came early. I went to a little party the day before because I kindof wanted to just stay in at halloween and watch scary films. This party was the definition of crap.
♥ Most girls were dressed half naked. It was embarassing.
♥ I didn't get in with my ticket as they were already full (which was UNFAIR). So i had to sneak inside!
♥ Some people weren't as lucky as me and didn't get in at all.
♥ Two guys got bottled and I even heard someone got stabbed. I don't know, I ran out when i saw the first guys head like, bleeding.
♥ It was full of badmans and sluts. Really, lets be honest.

So we left at 10:30 because the police arrived (yes, it was that crazy) and we just chilled for abit then I went home. My outfit was made by me and my mum.

Imyourpresent is one of my favourite etsy shops, ever. Kelly maked the most beautiful outfits and I wanted this one for halloween. She ran out!! :( So I decided to make one inspired by her beautiful design. It was more of a leotard though and wasn't as nice but me and my mum are so proud :') Even if it went unnoticed by everyone else there, I felt awesome. And my make-up wasn't that bad either.

I'm just glad I actually made an effort for halloween and didn't go all 'whorey'. I think it's just really sad girls feel like they have to dress that way for attention from guys. What kindof guys do you exactly want attention from, dressed like that?

Have a wonderful halloween everyone :)
I hope you all get into the spirit of actual halloween, and not get into 'The one time of year to dress as a WHORE' and if you do well, I suppose thats your choice!

Oh and don't drink too much!


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