'In the summertime when the'... maybe not.

H&M Coat - £15, ebay / Pixie boots - £5, ebay / Urban Outfitters Bag - £28, ebay / Dress - Vintage, £5

Is it just me, or can you just by looking at this picture, tell that it is cold? Today was FREEEZING. I'm sorry but I never dress for the weather, and even I was wearing a coat!

The tights are a funny story. I woke up (still half asleep, at 7am, as you do!) and found my very very translucent tights and realised I would DIE with one pair of thin tights on. So I found my little sisters flourescent pink tights, and put them underneath. VOILA! Lovely purple tights and they go with my outfit so, thats always a plus. Oh, and recognise this dress? You should.

This was taken on my new ultra cool camera! You may think 'that's not good quality', well I think it's lovely and especially considering I'm still playing with the settings! Oh and my little sister took these pictures, shes a little photographer in the making :)

Lots of work, so I hope I do not fall behind on the blog front!
How were your holidays, and how are you dressing up for winter? I need to invest some nice thick wooly tights, thats for sure!


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