Gossip Girl Style : Military blazers And NEW HAIR :)

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Vintage Blazer, Ebay - £32 / New Look Brogues, Thrifted - £5 / Motel Dress, Ebay - £17 / Heart Necklace - Thrifted /
I've decided to do a Gossip Girl style series, I'm not sure how great it will be, we shall see :) First of all I HAVE NEW HAIR. Well, Fringe, heh. Likeys? I also feel like such a new person. The blazer makes me feel ultra chic along with the brogues and dress. I love this outfit and wore it on my first day back from the swine week off and felt uh-mazing. Along with the new hair ;)

Here is a little collage I did to inspire you -

Military and sailor -esque blazers are still in (in my opinion) for autumn, especially! Also, you can look ultra chic AND warm. Believe me, I've been there when you wear something HAWT and your big baggy coat just ruins it all. meh. Well Blazers are my answer!
I think theres many ways of wearing them.
♥ Blair waldorf, Girly and sailor -esque, the collar adds to the detailing and I think it compliments her well. She has a very simple and beautiful face and simple features.
♥ With Jenny I think my outfit resemble her one more. It's quite punk, I think teaming it with biker boots is something you HAVE to do! Also aviators are genious and what every girl should have for their punk wardrobe (although it's freezing here, so mebbe not)
♥ Serenas is pretty but not as girly as blair. Her colours are light, opting for a rare shade and style of blazer, with the sailor badge. Skinnies with this would look best for a pretty casual yet sophisticated look.

TOP TIP: Save money by buying a cheap charity shop blazer. Change the buttons to gold sailor looking ones and buy a sailor iron on badge off ebay. Viola! Cheap yet effective.

In other news, The prize for the 50 follower contest has arrived so that will be up shortly and please please please enter the shop contest, thankyou!
Works getting harder and harder but I'm determined to keep my blog up to date. So bear with meeee.


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