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Okay so on the saturday, me and Ruth travelled into Sheffield for a vintage shop! BANGBANGVINTAGE had a 50% sale off!!!! So naturally we went. Of course I'm going to have to add this huge haul onto another post along with the kilo haul. Phew. That's alot of haulage! Overall I've spent £85 on vintage clothes in the past week or so. It's crazy!
This is what I wore to school today. I wore my geek glasses too.

Argyle Jumper, Banbangvintage - £7.50 (reduced from £15)

Blazer, Cancer reasearch charity shop - £5.00 / Floral tulip skirt, Oxfam - £2.99
And then we went into the charity shops and I picked up these two beauties.. I'm on love! I've wanted a blazer like this for SOO long, and the skirt was so lovely and cheap :) Together they look great, too.

Here are a few ideas for christmas presents I stumbled across!:

Who doesn't like lush gifts? Someone buy me the Lush Legends plz? :D

Charity shops sell amazing christmas presents, from clocks and piggy banks to vintage victorian dresses!

Everyone loves a balloon! :')

Vintage shops and fairs - every girl loves vintage.. and it's great when it's a bargain ;)

Republic have lovely sequined clothes at the moment and they're pretty cheap! Not really a fan of the shop but the clothes they have in at the moment are quite nice!

Seriously, if you ever want to go on a fashion trip.. screw London, Sheffield has the cheapest and most amazing vintage clothes I've ever seen! I really think we should all have a big blog meetup there, plus it's not far from me ;)
Hope you all had a fab weekend! First of December tomorrow.. AGHH! I cannot WAIT for christmas :D


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