Pedicures on our toes, trying on all our clothes.

So I'm very sorry for posting kinda late again, 5 days? Seriously? I'm sorry! Well I have two outfit posts, so hopefully you guys will forgive me ;)
So I wanted to do a haul post but I was sleepy when I got home (again, sorry!) But I did wear these two outfits to school, Monday & Tuesday, and two items are from the vintage kilo fair, so you can have a taster. I promise the full haul will be up soon!

So the item that I got from the vintage sale is the check shirt. I love it so much, especially when I saw one on Sadie, I knew I wanted one! Oversized check shirts are a favourite of mine atm. I just teamed it with my pixie boots, thick wooly tights and my UO bag, Of course!

This baby! This dress wasn't from the vintage fair, it's some random dress I thrifted. It was HUUGEEE and my mum took it in, and added the white lace.. voila! It was a completely different (and ugly!) dress before haha, but added with a white belt and my lovely brogues..perfect! The scarf is from the vintage fair, and I wanted DESPERATELY a thick white one like carries. Hers is bigger and thicker however *sniff* but it's still warm.. and vintage! And sorry about the quality on the full length one, I couldn't find a decent pic and the only decent one was abit crappy.

Sorry about not including the price, but because it was per kilo, I needed to properly work it out. I got 8 things for £45 (I know, it actually hurt me so much to pass that over) And that Equals £5 each! That's amazing! I love all of the items, and a couple are going on ebay, for the pure fact that kilo sales are the place where you impulse buy and well.. I have bought about 3 things that are WAY too similar to things I already own! haha. On my big haul post I will share all of the items with you, including a BEAUTIFUL floral dress :) .. Yes, I'm aware it's winter. Meh.
Oh and Me and Ruth are going to a vintage shop Saturday, with a big sale on and cupcakes, so maybe I can team that haul with the kilo fair one? (Although I'm dreading how much I will spend here as it's 50% off. Someone take my money off me plzzzz)

The 50 followers contest.. which was a 35 follower contest and should now be a 60 follower contest.. will be up SOON! :D I'm so so excited because it's such a quirky piece of jewellery (yes, you heard right!) and I think all the people who follow my sortof style will LOVE it. Keep watching or follow me on twitter, because It will be up ASAP :)
P.S. I think my fringe makes me look so different! Anyone else agree?


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