Grand re-opening!

(The official STOCK POST, where you can find all my items in STOCK can be found here)
Click the pictures to be taken to the place it's being sold :)

So as many of you actually may not know, I have an etsy shop. It came to a slow down because I didn't have good picture, the clothes needed taking in and school work got in the way, etc.

The lovely model there is Ruth, and she is modelling less than half of our stock! Sorry for some of the bad lighting, It's really dark and dingy here in Britain AND toward the end it went pitch black. I had to use my lamp haha! Which is why come look abit dark and orangey.
So for the grand Re-Opening (or just sorting it all out-ing) I'm having a super duper fun contest.. woop!? The voucher is for my shop, obviously haha.

£25 voucher contest
CLOSED! Thanks all who entered! :)

Thats it! Feel free to tweet it to others, as that would kindly help me out :)
Also watch out for my blog followers contest which I *still* need to do, ha!
Please enter, I'm trying to get it all back on track and it sounds lame but, I would love my blog followers help :) And feel free to purchase stuff, too.
Check out the stock post, as if you do not have an etsy account and want something, I'm happy to come to an arrangement to do it via ebay or just paypal :)
Or email me at with the subject - Shop.

Thank you all so much and please enter! :)


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