I actually went out on a Saturday..

And Believe me, thats some crazy achievement. So is waking up EARLY on a saturday. I think thats something to be proud of!

"Hey thurr!"

Sheffield had ANOTHER Vintage fair. Manchester has a few from time to time, but they aren't as frequent, plus Sheffield is actually beautiful♥
So I got up nice and early and made my way into sheffield city centre for the vintage kilo fair. (With thanks to tasha for telling me about it in the first place!)It is probably the best idea since sliced bread. It costs £15 per kilo, and the clothes are amazing, that's no joke! Vintage is usually overpriced, but because it per kilo, it's just whatever. It's super duper better when you bung in light stuff too :) Well I decided to take pictures for the event, and in return they let me in for free and half an hour earlier than everyone else, so I got lots of goodies!
It wasn't really busy, which I liked, because other vintage fairs are just full of people and sweat. Ew.

I'm happy with my phototaking, too. Here are a couple I took

And yes, the fluffy things in the box on the first pic are russian style hats haha :) They had everything, berets, belts, shoes, dresses, knitted jumpers. It was amazing! I'll show you my vintage haul on the next post, of course! I got 8 things and here they are (in a jumbled up pile)

The a detailed haul post of these items should be up soon!

OH! And nearly forgot, I got two lovely awards :)
First from bitsoffluff

It's one of those, name 7 facts about yourself, so here I go!

1. I don't get Cheryl Cole. She can't sing and shes annoying. Whats the buzz?
2. I sometimes regret not taking subjects that are more suited to creativity and such, because I think thats where my heart truely lies.
3. I love Japanese culture and Anime/Manga. It's the most fascinating and exciting culture and I grew up watching Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z as a child.
4. I had an accident as a child which I should have died from. Miracle child right here!
5. I hate girls that - lead boys on, flirt excessively, wear too much makeup, and girls who are orange, are really needy, are boy pleasers and just many many other things. I get annoyed by alot.
6. I'm well known by my friends for not liking anyone.. haha. But I'm genuinely a NICE person, I honestly believe I am. I just see the bad in people too much. I need to chill.
7. I don't think anyone sees me as being a very cool person, for the pure fact that I enjoy having weekends in just on my computer and playing my old school Playstation 1 games (Spyro, Crash Bandicoot anyone?) but I've accepted that I'm not cool. And thats okay.. :D

And then this award from Georgie@Sequinsandbeads

"The recipient must list seven traits about themselves and then pass it on to seven bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share on their blogs"
I am: Polite, Independent, Childish, Blunt, Geeky, Procrastinating and alittle funny?
haha :) I pass this onto:
Oh emma
drink tea be content
Fashion Pix
Paper Heart
the rock and cool blog

There will be a post on the vintage haul and more importantly, the 50 followers contest. Please enter the £25 voucher contest!! It won't end till the 30th.


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