I wish.

I'm having on the those times in my life where I don't feel confident enough to photograph (minus the last post ahha) Because I want to get so many different things changed, including a much needed fringe and new wardrobe!

I wish I could take millions of polaroids of beautiful things everyday.

And it didn't look like this outside.

I wish we had a dishwasher.

And that I ate organic and healthy food everyday.

I wish I had money

And that I owned these from the Giles Deacon collection at New Look.

What do you wish for? Have a lovely week my beautifuls.
Oh and I hit 40 followers so the contest will be up ASAP! Keep your eyes peeled for that and the shop, it's getting there! It may be a 50 followers contest instead of 35 haha, seen as I've gone past the 35 mark, sorry the wait guys!

Thanks so much Miss Vintage Vixen & Bits Of Fluff
I also have accomplished this blog award by two different people without saying thankyou and listing some blogs I like. The rules or whatever for passing on this award is to list quite a few new blogs I like or something. But I'm just going to list my top 3.
1. Wishwishwish - My favourite blog, always has been. Carrie has a beautiful style and essence that makes her blog so wonderful!
2. She Craves Mascara - Josie is someone I wish I was best friends with haha, she says the funniest things on her blog, she has an amazing style and I'm jealous of her height!
3. Sadies Wardrobe - Sadie has a lovely thrift style, alot similar to mine, only shes way more classy! She loves carboots and charity shops, so her posts are such a lovely read :)


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