Octobers - Top 5 Things I Love

I'm such a bad blogger! Argh! Thing is, I'd rather blog abit later than usual (6 days, ahh that's like a whole WEEK) than just blog about something unimportant. And craapy.

So anyway. As you may have heard, I'm a huuuge thrifter, carboot sale junky, etc. But unfortunately the carboots around me (The South Yorkshire ones) are unfortunately done for the season! But I attended a sortof jumble sale carboot thing on sunday which was not the best, but it was okay. But if there are posts lacking carboot hauls and stuff it's cause of that, but I'll try squeeze them in cause I get alot of positive comments surrounding them. ♥

I was wondering what to blog about and I came up with the Top 5 things I'm LOVING right now. It's not a tag or anything, but If you want to do it feel free to nab it :)

5. Wearing my hair like this. I love having the french braid side plait thing, Lauren conrad style. Mind you, this is very boho chic with the curls which I LOVE. It also looks nice with straight hair, and make sure you secure it with lots of grips and hair spray I'm getting a fringe soon so I won't really be able to do this, but I still love it :) (but not really loving this picture, yuck!)

4. Geek Glasses. Some hate the trend and some love it. I personally hate it on little scene kids who wear them because it just doesn't suit them.. they aren't COOL. On the other hand on a stylish outfit its laaavly and adds to the geek chic thing I'm loving right now (hello granny jumpers!) I don't like people popping out the lenses on their 'real D' glasses and calling them geek glasses. Not cool guys. Not cool.

3. Batiste dry shampoo. I don't think I need to say anything other than it's every girls HG item I would say. Recently my hair has been very prone to greasing and this baby makes me feel like I've just washed my hair. They also now do coloured ones, for black hair and others I think. This is great, cause as lovely as this item is, it does leave white marks in my hair sometimes, which makes me look like I've just baked a cake and forgotten to wash my hair. This is really *Heaven in a bottle* :)

2. Parties and stuff.. yeah.

1. This check shirt.

£2 from a carboot. Nuff said.

Hope you all have a nice holiday and I will hopefully do alot more blogging now I have the time :)
More importantly.. what are YOU dressing up as for halloween? :D


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