120 palette & a bit of everything.

My 120 palette came FINALLY. I have been ranting for about 2 weeks that this palette was taking ages and was nearly at the end of my tether, but it came! yay!
It cost around £12, and my sister had previously bought one and I've heard loads about it anyways. The packaging is awful can I just say, It's not really protected much, so I've heard countless times that about 4-5 of the shadows break in transit.
I was uber uber lucky, none of mine broke, or even cracked! Heres some (really crap) swatches!-

Yellows&Oranges / Browns&Blacks&Whites / Greens / Turquoise&Blues
So you may thing I've swatched things twice, but some are VERY similar colours. The shimmer ones are alot more pigmented than the mattes and there are 120 of these! I can't believe it! My favourite colours have to be the blue/green colours, they're so pretty!
I'm excited to experiment as they're great for 'beginners' who are getting into make-up (like me!) & I recommend these palettes, just because it'as cheap doesn't mean they're crap, some are SO pigmented!

On Tuesday I ended up going into school, to find my teacher absent and that I had the afternoon off so it was a pointless journey, but I made a nice little effort, heres a OOTD, FOTD and HOTD haha :)

Jumper - Thrifted, £3.75 / Sandals - Ebay, £3.50 / Jeans - Primark, £8 / Bag - Thrifted, 50p

Can I also just say.. I really do not look like this is real life haha! I have a round face, It looks so ilongated here. I'm not that white, I'm NC44! And yeah, It's just a bad picture so sorrry! The top is beautiful, charity shop find of course! And just teamed it with pretty browns, the gladiator sandals were bought recently (Yes, I'm aware it's practically winter!) but they were uber uber cheap, at £3.50! My jeans are supposed to be skinny jeans, but they're clearly not haha I need new jeans :| Oh and
♥ I'm wearing MAC foundation, abitta bronzer and mascara and eyeliner, but not much, hence the crapness of the photo.
♥ I curled my hair with my straighteners and did random curls, they pretty much fell out ;/

I am expecting many many packages this week, I spent around £100 on ebay, I don't know why or even how, but I did. Including this yummy bag from Urban Outfitters, originally £38, for £28 off ebay (ahh!) Now you should know by now I'm a total thrifter, I like bargains and hardly ever pay £5 for a bag let alone £28 :| But thats what I did, I treated myself to more expensive things recently because I'm constantly watching my spending, and I had some spare moolah to spend so I did :D
And anyway they're all -
A) Second hand off ebay and
B) Alot cheaper than they are instore

So really I'm still being a little cheapscape!
So this was abit of everything really and in the coming week I'll make sure I show you my new buys.. they may take ages though cause here in the U.K theres a postal strike >:( argh!
No school next week and Halloween is soon.. AHHHHH :D
So lots of posts and getting the shop sorted, i'm so excited!


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