Lush Freshers Box.

You've probably all heard of the freshers box by Lush, because of it's amazing cheapness and lovely goodies packed inside! If you haven't, feel free to read me talk about it and if you have.. well.. you can still read about it haha :)

I needed to get a present for my mummys 50th birthday(!) so I roped my friend josh into coming to town with me. My sister had previously bought 2 freshers boxes because they were that good, and she kept banging on about it. So i knew I wanted one for my mum because, well, who doesn't like lush goodies?

In the box I got ~
♥ Santas Porridge Face Mask
♥ Green Body Scrub (everyone gets it)
♥ New Shampoo Bar (That's its actual name haha)
♥ 50g Noubar Soap
♥ 50g Karma Soap
♥ Skin Drink Mini Mousturiser
♥ Tea Tree Sauna face thing
♥ Normal sauna face thing
That's 8 things for £10!
Awesome, no?

Of course The soaps and shampoo bars I chose may be different to the ones you will choose, after all you can choose any, thats right ANY of the ones in store. Wooop! Here are a few of the things -

Skin Drink - Is a lovely little moisturiser for dry skin. Although the tin is a tester, it's great to pop in your bag for emergency dry skin!
New Shampoo Bar - "Stimulating spice shampoo bar for tired scalps suffering from hormonal hair loss. " I got this for my mum cause she turned 50 and, well.. You know.

This is the one item my mum is letting me keep because she 'doesn't really do face masks' Ohh my god. It smells of almonds and has cranberries in it. "Fruity nutrition for your face to revive your skin on the run-up to Christmas." - So I'm going to be able to review this properly, so I'll keep you posted on this beaut.

Because it's tempting to buy the specially wrapped presents in Lush, I got my freshers box and did it up myself..

With the little lush sticky thing, I wrote the contents on the side. Neat, huh? It's awesome for packaging I think AND I get to choose my own wrapping paper and the contents ANND we all know for £10 you get about 3 things in Lushes boxes. I also added red crepe paper because the silly body scrub was scratching the soaps! Eurgh. But other than that, aweeeesome :D

And then we decided to go to starbucks for a cup of tea. (Yes, I drink my tea with a straw, because I'm COOL)

I love town in Autumn (or fall), It's so pretty and dark and it just smells all leafy haha. When we were in Starbucks I couldn't stop smelling the goodies, they were so YUMMYYYY! Especially Santas Porridge..mmmmhm.
Little note: Not sure how long they will be doing these, wherabouts in the U.K they are doing them and if it's JUST in the U.K. Sorry!

Anyways onto more exciting news, ME AND RUTH ARE GOING TO SEE LADY GAGA! Shes touring in the UK and were going to see her in March or something, I can't believeeeeee it. I'm never bothered about gigs and such but Lady hello!?
Also, we FINALLY, after all the malarcky, have the CAMERA. I'm so excited to actually have nice pictures on the blog noww, and definately more outfit posts and such. These pictures weren't by the lovely new camera just cause it only arrived later on, but the camera is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I don't even want to touch it!

New hair soon, and all my new ebay items have come.
I feel like a new person!


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