Topshop on the cheap? is a site that sells cheap clothes, sortof like primark.. only better! The service is super duper fast, I got my clothes 2 days after I'd ordered. The postage is a flat rate of £4, so no matter how much clothing you buy.. it's always £4 :) If you live in Ireland (where the company is based) you can also pick them up for free from their warehouse (but you can still order in Ireland!). They also do mens clothes (The GINO bit is the mens and the NV bit is the womens) The reason I love this store is that it's postage to the U.K is so so cheeeeap! It's like our UK answer to forever21 :D

If I saw one of these items in topshop it wouldn't surprise me, these are the sort of things that they stock! The lace detail dress and floral crop/dress are so similar to the ones in store! I couldn't link all of them, just my favourites.
(Note: They may not still be in stock by the time this post has been published!)

Of course I cannot rave about how great the store is without actually having purchased a few things, but I did a while back and I bought 3 beautiful dresses for 3 very seperate occasions!

(Floaty summer dress - £10) (Purple/Pink dress - £7) (Bodycon stripey dress - £9.99)

They also have amazing service. I ordered an anchor top, but a mistake was made and they didn't actually have it in stock. They didn't charge me for it so it was fine, but just for the trouble, they sent me a free watch worth £5 :) I'm not a watch person but my mum loves them and the best part is, it was free! I think it was very nice of them to do that, even though the whole thing wasn't even a problem.

Hope you liked my little bit about the site, it's nice for people to know if someones actually purchased from there before. My next post will be a beauty one.. I'm gonna start doing a mix on this blog I think, beauty and fashion :)
More exciting news is.. me and my mum have the money for a nice new camera and we'll be ordering it soon. So we'll be having new photos for the shop and actually good quality pictures for the blog haha. The next post should be up in about 3 days (not 6 like this one, ohh my!)


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