Woah Dude.

Woah Dude 2.0 Palm Print Swimsuit, c/o blackmilk
Black Skater Skirt, c/o Romwe
OH SHIT! Black Beanie, Ebay - £9.99
Red Unif Hellbounds, Gift

I really do love this body from blackmilk. The colours and print are so bold and exciting that pairing it with a red lip and bright right heels is definitely not for the faint hearted! I'm really channeling my inner grunge today too. My style is so mish mash I've missed the good old days of me wearing a beanie and big massive heels in every post haha!

I've found it quite difficult to get back into my blogging mojo recently. I've been doing so many different projects outside of blogging (blogging is only my part time job!) and seeing my friends now they are back from uni, it's been difficult to organise myself like I used to! Plus my room is still getting done up so everythings just messy at the moment so I can never find what I want to!

Once my room is done I've decided I'm just going to bite the bullet and try youtube. I never thught I was a youtube person but I feel like I am much more confident on camera than I used to be - so fingers crossed I'm not terrible to watch! :-)

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