Behind the scenes: The Sunglasses Shop Shoot.

A few weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to mix two of my favourite things together. Blogging and Modelling!
The Sunglasses Shop wanted me to style up some of their Raybans with my own personal style, and we decided to shoot around East London. We did around 12 different outfits I think in the end! We also including a few lovely pieces from Stylist Pick, so thankyou to those guys for letting us borrow some lovely pieces!

They're also holding a contest over on their page to win some sunnies that are featured so if you wanna take a look please do here!

It literally was one of the best days of my life. I came to the incredible hotel (thankyou for putting me up Sunglasses Shop!) to find out I'd been upgraded from a single bedroom to a full on apartment, aswell as being able to relax in the incredible pool! The hotel was The Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green - it's literally incredible I can't recommend it enough! A big thanks to all the people behind the scenes too including hair, makeups and behind the scenes photographers - they were literally the best team I've ever worked with! :-)

I will be posting a few of the outfits in the next month that we took but heres a little sneak peek.
OH and heres a video of the behind the scenes - hope you like it and I'm not too awkward! I didn't have a script and had to make it up in one go so it was a little argh, but we got it all in one take :-) Hopefully my youtube videos will be as confident as this!

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