Slow down the song.

The weather hasn't been as nice today but I took these a few days ago luckily!

'Malika' playsuit, c/o Volcom
Boy London Cap, Ebay - £11.99
Double platform studded suede creeper lookalikes, ebay - £19.99

I love playsuits like this that are just comfy and loose fitting! Recieved a few pieces from volcom so can't wait to style them up on the blog :-)
I've basically been making the most of the sun this week! If you keep up with me on instagram I'm always on trains doing something and travelling, but this week is my 'day off' a.k.a an admin week where I need to sort out the blogs emails, clothing and styling. It's good, but very difficult to get up and motivate myself as I know when I have another busy week it won't be possible to keep up with everything!

My friends are all back from university for the summer so I am making the most of it! We're going out on friday night which I'm super excited about and will probably chill with them all day saturday so sorry if this weekend my posts aren't frequent!

Hope you are all good :-)

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