Review: Zaggora Flares and Vest

I don't tend to review products unless I am wearing them, for outfit photos, but I was lucky enough to be able to try out some Zaggora products a few months back and they have been a massive part of my workout regime!

Zaggora Flares c/o Zagggora
Zaggora Vest c/o Zaggora

I want to do a bigger post on what I actually do, but this will just be a little snippet into my fitness life. I'm not 'ripped' and I don't have a six pack (I wish I did though!) but working out for me is all about healthy living and keeping myself active. When I quite my retail job I realised that I wouldn't be on my feet most days like I used to be, and whilst I still have days where I am constantly rushing around London it's not really the same!

Zaggora are well known within the celebrity circuit, and I wanted to try them to see what the hype was about. I don't have any before or after pictures unfortunately - But I wasn't doing this to lose weight and I haven't lost x amount of inches, but for me it's all about toning up which I alwaaaays struggle with!

Zaggoras are meant to make you sweat more. Yep, sweat. Not the nicest image in the world I know, but when it comes to working out I think it's quite an important thing. A little scientific fact for you, is that apparently you burn more calories whilst wearing these than opposed to wearing standard workout clothes! Which is crazy!

What I've found is that even when I am doing the most basic of workouts it really does work up a sweat, and for me I think it's nice to feel like after you've done a workout you have actually accomplished something. I can 100% say that working out in my normal wrokout gear as opposed to my zaggora clothing makes me sweat so much less.

They are comfortable but at first it does feel a little strange, and the leggings are alot longer on me than most people so they are super duper high waisted! My favourite thing is the pocket on the leggings! I only have my iphone as my mp3 player as I lost my little clip on ipod years ago, so I was struggling to find how I could go for a run and also listen to it! Little warning is that you do sweat alot so it seeps into the pocket which is a little annoying.. but my trick is a weird one. I put my phone straight onto my workout playlist and click play, tthen pop it into a sandwich bag and into the pocket - it works a treat!

I wanted these forever and was so lucky to be gifted them, and being honest about recommending them - well I can't actually recommend them enough! I've found my body is more toned and after a workout I hop in the shower and then pop some moisturiser on. I think the sweat genuinely helps in opening my skin up to being hydrated so much more, so the day after my skin feels much tighter because of this!

The price is a little steep for beginners, so make sure that you get them if you think you will get alot of use out of them - I use mine nearly every day! The only little thing that is annoying is handwashing them, which I have to do straight after and hang them out to dry in hopes they will be ready for the next day which isn't always the case (except in this gorgeous weather it's been fine!)

Hope you guys did enjoy this little post about the Zaggoras and they realy did deserve a mention as I wear them religiously! I will do a bigger post on my workout stuff in general if people are wanting to know but it's not particularly interesting I have to admit!

Thank god it's friday!

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