Team Loser.

What I love about this outfit is that I changed it up last minute which is a rarity for me as I'm usually very precise in what I want from an outfit! I was about to throw a cap on and realised 'god kavita stop wearing the same things over and over agan' so I put my hair in a ponytail and rocked a bright lip. I haven't done the ponytail thing really since I was mad about it last summer and did it pretty much the whole time! I was also going to wear a silver necklace which I couldn't find (story of my life blogging wise - I need a wardrobe sortout asap!) and so threw these golden chains on in the hope it would suffice - and it did!

Criminal Damage 'Team Loser' Varsity Tee, c/o Bank
Alexander Wang Lookalike White Strap Heels, c/o Choies
White Large Leather Rucksack, c/o Grafea
Gold Chunky Chain Necklace, H&M - £7.99 (similar here!)
Diva at Miss Selfridge Gold Chain Necklace, c/o Impulse London
Freedom at Topshop Gold cherub necklace, c/o Impulse London

The cherub necklace is my favourite of all. I recieved a really lovely package from Impulse London to get me through the rest of the year (and enough to get me through the rest of my life in all honesty!) and was so pleasantly surprised with the very 'me' things that were there. I'm always hesitant to recieve things as a surprise because like every girl I'm picky, but they were amazing! There were even a few 'k' lettered things such as a bracelet and above knuckle ring (which is too big so is a standard ring for me - again story of my life! But I prefer it actually!) which was such a nice touch :-)!!

This tee its a dream, everything down to the sporty feel to the cute netted mesh sleeves. And it's by crimnal damage which is an ace brand to be rocking! Bank sent me this gorgeous top/dress and I have looked a bank a few times, but was never actually blown away by it. Having a proper look and it actually stocks so much stuff I love. Converse, vans, docs, joggers, crop tops - and by some of my favourite brands like glamorous, red or dead and ribbon! I have a few more goodies from bank to show you which I hope you like, I literally squealed when I opened the package!

I actually love this outfit, especially the shoes which I think really balance out the edgy urban feel and make it feel a little more high end and classy. It's quite hard to do a specific genre of fashion in an outfit without going overboard, so mixing it up is always a challenge but very exciting at the same time :-)

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