I could be the one.

Today I thought I'd show you some of the photos from my Sunglasses Shop x Rayban Photoshoot I took part in a few weeks ago. I was able to style up everything myself, and with the help of a few cheeky items frm Stylist Pick that were kindly lent to us to shoot with - it was the funnest photoshoot I've ever done!

This playsuit really is one of my favourites, I really like the whole idea of this outfit being shot in the park just because it's so young and fresh. I absolutely love how my hair was done too - Wish I could do this myself!

Photography: Holly Broomhall (twitter) | Makeup: Sarah Nice | Hair: Claire Cox

Red Floral Ditsy Print Playsuit, c/o missguided
Pink Wayfarer Sunglasses, Ray Ban*
Pink Bag, Stylist Pick*
Silver Studded Trainers, Stylist Pick*

* All Starred items were borrowed for the shoot and do not belong to me.

As you can see I'm actually smiling in these photos - how different! We decided the photos were surprised to be fun and happy so there was no moody kavita face! I actually had to do a tonne of fake laughing all day for the photos which was a little awkward at first because I didn't think I had a particularly nice 'laughing face' (who does?!) and so it was nice that these turned out alright! Big thanks to the incredible photographer Holly who shot all of the outfits (and I'll be slowly posting them throughout the next month!) :-)

The weather has been a mix of boiling hot / terrential rain at the moment, we had a leak last night which resulted in us having to switch the power off and therefore not have my fan on in my room. That along with the fact I am choosing not to open my window ever again due to *that* bat incident, I definitely ad an awful nights sleep!

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