If you follow me on instagram, you will have seen that recently I have taken up a new hobby. I've alwaaaays wanted to know how to skate. Not really tricks or things like that, but cruising around. Maybe I'm just lazy, I'm not a big walker, but yes - skating was on my to do list.

'68' Sports Crop Top, Asos - £12
Black American Apparel Disco Pants, c/o Republic (I wear xxs)
White Low Top Converse, Ebay - £20
White Large Leather Rucksack, c/o Grafea
Boy London Cap, Ebay - £11.99

I recently bought a penny board from a little skate shop in sheffield, but you can also get them here on ebay. Mine was around £60 which was reduced as it had a bit of wear on it (hardly though!) and after a few days I feel confident enough to cruise around from place to place. This skateboard isn't a penny board, it's actually my sisters friend Jess's, she let me borrow it to do these shots as if I am honest, it just looks a little better than with a penny board. But I can skate on both, and props to my sister for getting such good moving shots!

I seem mega hipster for wanting to skate etc, and every youtube vlogger has a pennyboard and if you're thinking of getting one they are a little pricey for just a little hobby, but I really do love it! My little sister and I share it and when we first got it we weren't able to get on it without holding each others hands (haha!) but now it's fine - practice makes perfect. OH and the first time I ever fell off was today for these photos - wish I'd of caught that on camera! Posing and boarding is still something I need to get used to - argh!

Regarding what I'm wearing it's very much an outfit I think is suitable for skating. Picked up this crop top whilst on my asos searching, and disco pants and converse are comfy for boarding around. OH and a rucksack is the perfect place to keep it when you aren't on it! ;-)

Busy week this week so sorry if I don't update so much - Love! xo

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