My First London Fashion Week 2012 - Day 1

I am currently chilling in London and will be for the next 4 days (eek!) and am making the most of London Fashion Week! If you're already fed up with LFW nonsense and posts (as I was last year!) then feel free to ignore my posts for the next few days as they're going to be about that pretty much!

My outfit for day 1 -

Neon Beanie, Ebay - £6
Neon Perspex Envelope Clutch, Ebay - £13
John Lennon style round sunglasses, ebay - c/o ZEROUV
Black Polo Crop, Ebay - £3.99
Stripe high waisted jeans, c/o Glamorousuk
Finsk cut out Wedges, Gift from mum

Anyway! I'm very very happy and thankful that my gorgeous friend Hannah is letting me stay at hers for the next few days! As I'm not a Londoner (and I'm not forking out for a hotel!) it's hard for me to do the whole fashion week thing, and quite frankly I never thought (and still don't think) I'm *fashionable* or *creditable* enough to do stuff like this really! Anyway - that aside, I decided to make a few days of it and apply to a few shows and see Hannah, as we never get to see each other and she had just taken like a week off work it it seemed perfect ^_^

My day schedule was supposed to look like this - 9:00am Antoni and Alison, 10am Meeting, 11:00am Caroline Charles, 12:00am Zoe Jordan, 4:00pm Unconditional, 6:00pmEley Kishimoto ,7:00pm Felder Felder. This is literally the day where I had the most tickets and I stupidly thought 'Oh yeah its fine I can totally do all of them'.. Just, no.

Hannah lives an hour away from central london on the tube, so I had to set off at 7:30am to make sure I had enough time to get settled etc at Anotni and Alison (this meant waking up at 6:30am fml) it was really good and was a great experience at my first show! I also got to shuffle onto the third row even though I had standing as there was a spare seat!

Next I shoved my flats on and headed off to my meeting, which was great and I will be doing more stuff to do with that on Tuesday which is super cool! I will let you know when it's all finished as then I get to show you!

I then decided to try and find Hannah and watch Zoe Jordan (missed Caroline Charles :() and we got lost, and decided that she should go home and relax instead of waiting ages for Bora Aksu, and I was told that I was needed for helping set up Uncondtional at 1pm, which meant missing Bora Aksu *sob*

Unconditional was incredible, and I am literally the most thankful person in the whole world to be able to do what I did! I helped styling, so getting all the clothes ready aswell as the model, which was crazy in itself. The event was at Goldsmiths which is absolutely beautiful - seriously! I then went to do the guestlist on the door and got to take VIP's to the front row, one happened to be WRETCH 32! He was so nice and thanked me and said bye to me and so I asked for a picture as he was so like, friendly and that is now happily on my instagram and facebook, heheheh. I also saw Lauren from TOWIE (she is so orange seriously I needed sunglasses) and Marcus from X Factor who is super duper stylish! It really made me realise just how much work goes into a show at London Fashion Week. Aside from all the free champagne and la dee daa events, seriously, fashion is HARD. And I think as bloggers we forget that people in the industry don't just attend fancy events and get nice clothes, it really is a tonne of work - it definitely made me appreciate it a hell of a lot more. PLUS I got to watch the show aftrwards (no pictures as I was rushed :() and I got to do styling at a pretty incredible show at London Fashion Week - which I am so honoured to do and will never forget :-) Huge thanks to Alina at concrete for picking me (I had an interview over skype and everythin!) and giving me such a great experience at fashion week!

I then went back to Hannahs and we headed off to the PPQ afterparty which was amazing and so sleek and fancy! It was held at the Kensington Rooftop Gardens which is just an expensive place in itself, but then had a barbeque and free cocktails which I think are usually priced at £7-£10 each! It was such a nice way to end such a crazy day! I didn't get any pictures as I was just drinking and chilling but the place was definitely something to be seen!

Hope you are all well and sorry for rambling. I need my bed!
Hope you are all well and day 2 will be up tomorrow!

P.S. What do you think of my new camera lense? Doesn't it just make my pictures x100000 times better? :-D!


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