My First Ever London Fashion Week - Day 3

On day three it a little more relaxing as we had 1 show - and we headed off at the slightly later time of 2pm!

Outfit for day 3 -

Neon Beanie, Ebay - £6
Neon Perspex Envelope Clutch, Ebay - £13
Black Polo Crop, Ebay - £3.99
Slit maxi skirt & Belt, Hannahs
Faux Jeffrey Campbell Spike Lita Lookalikes, c/o daisystreet
(yes, these are the BEST lookalikes ever!!!)

I ended up running into so many amazing people.

At Somerset house it was again fairly mad - I saw Carrie who is always a treat to bump into and she snapped me for Cosmopolitan online! woooo!

I got to finally finally finally meet Zara from Mouldyfruit - who is the most refreshing and down to earth person you will ever meet. Such a babe! We had a really good natter about everything!

I also got to meet Leanne from Thunder and Threads who is also a very down to earth girly! I saw her on day 1 but was too scared to say hello haha, and so I said hi and we saw each other pretty much throughout the day! We headed to the bloggers lounge (again!) and chilled and chatted and just relaaaxed!
I then saw Michelle From Daisy butter in the suite who I FINALLY got to meet after all this time, and also spotted her later on at Danilo Gabrielli!

Hannah and I then went off to Somerset house to get some snaps of each other and I bumped into the lovely Lily, Gem and Jen! Always lovely to see them, and we all saw each other again back at the bloggers lounge and relaxed again!

I then headed off to Holborn to meet Sophie (the brains behind the wonderful Crown & Glory) and watched the Danilo Gabrielli show in which her pieces were featured in. They looked amazing, all romantical and elegant. So proud of Sophie, who if you meet in real life will understand when I saw how sweet she is!

Sorry for hardly any snaps I am just pure lazy and couldn't be bothered to get my camera out for all of the photos haha, but today was just meeting the best people and it was alot of fun! I only had one show but this was one of the most tiring days!

The highlight? A woman from Vogue Italia snapped me!
I nearly died and I'm sure they won't use it, but just to be asked was the most flattering thing. Wow!


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