#13 Thrifty Thursday - Colours of the wind

Wow, how gorgeous has the weather been recently? My boyfriend James came back from Portugal recently, and he seems to have brought some sun back with him! He bought me some lovely zara things and two super huge bars of orea milka. I know I know, hes a keeper ;-)

Anywho, we decided to pop to division street in Sheffield for a spot of shopping. Well, more browsing I suppose, and got a hot chocolate and relaxed. It has really been so nice recently I've just tried to fit my working schedule into going outside as much as possible. I needed to get a replacement guilitine for cutting labels as my one was broken, so this was really the reason we went into the city centre, but of course we enjoyed a little break as the sun was so nice.

Onto the outfit I wore, WELL. This outfit is something I have very much fallen in love with (and theres no beanie in sight haha wow I actually have hair under there who knew?) And it is very much a tribal esque hipster look - my guilty pleasure (you will know this if you follow me on tumblr haha)

New Look knitted crop jumper, carboot - £1
Tribal / aztec shorts, carboot - 50p
Red tribal bag, charity shop - £1
Dreamcatcher, ebay - £1.99
Celine Lookalike Clog / Wooden Wedge platform, ebay - £30
Turquoise ring, primark - £1.50
Two silver rings, mums

I picked up this gorgeous knit for £1, it's actually new looks childrens section? It's lovely and cropped aswell so perfect with high waisted stuff. I love the cream colour and I'm doing everything I can to stop myself from wanting to dip dye and stud it (old habits dye hard.. dye.. get it? lololol I know i need to gtfo) and then teamed it with these 50p shorts. These shorts are were actually suer long mens shorts, and my gorgeous mummy cut them up and took them in to create vintage culottes for me - hurrah! The tribal ethnic print is so lovely, especially complimented with all my arm candy! Then my mum got this bag for £1 from a charity shop and I had to 'borrow' it!

Arm Candy

Left :
Brown bracelet, thrifted - 50p
Spike gold bracelet, ebay - 99p
Turquoise skull bracelet, ebay - £1.19

Right :
Mixed four bracelet, brown & turquoise, primark (mens) - £2.50
White Skull Bracelet, ebay - £1.19
Skeleton Gold Watch, Ebay - £13 (this is amazing FYI!)

Hope you have been enjoying the sunshine!


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